To Our Military Personnel
For our family, military respect is very important, our grandfathers, our dads, Micah and my sister's husband David all have served our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.  These people are out there protecting and risking their lives to make sure our country is safe and remains that way.  This page is made for ALL of those that have served or are currently serving!
We Were Soldiers

By Gino D'Onofrio
February 10, 2003

We were soldiers.
We wondered how long we had to stand and fight.
We heard shots ringing, men screaming and people dying.
We saw the wounded and the dead.
We were soldiers.
We pretended it was all a dream.
We felt guilty and scared.
We touched the lives of others and the lives to come.
We worried about our loved ones.
We cried over the motionless men we once knew.
We were soldiers.
We understood our purpose.
We said we would die for our country.
We dreamt of peace and home.
We tried to help and to serve.
We hoped to live and save lives.
We were soldiers.

This poem was written by 15 year old Gino D'Onofrio of San Diego. Gino wrote it for an assignment on World War I, but is certainly applicable to our current soldiers, as well.
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