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An Overview of the WLS surgery
Last updated 12-21-04
**125 lbs.**
lost as of 1-11-04
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Current Stats:
27.5 BMI
165 pounds
size 12 bottoms
size M/L tops
See the surgery page or BMI calculator for the meanings of the BMI number.
I grabbed this (above) at spotlighthealth.com ...if it is yours and you want a link to your site please email me and give me your website address & I will.
Thanks, Rachel
BMI Calculator
Weight Loss Chart
Thoughts & Feelings Journals
Before surgery:
48.3 BMI
290 pounds
size 28 tops & bottoms
More pictures of me
Nov 03...Me in size 12! 1 year post-op!
Post-op Pregnancy pages
Hi! My name is Rachel and welcome to our website. This is a site of my family and includes information on my personal journey with Weight Loss Surgery (WLS).
I want to keep my friends and family updated on my daughter (Madeline), my husband (Micah) and myself (Rachel)...and our baby to come!!...what better way than with a website.

As for the WLS portion, I want to share my journey with others who have been thinking about WLS, who have had WLS or just want to see what happens after someone goes through WLS.
In my WLS sections I am going to be telling of my journey, my progress and sharing photos of myself melting away.
new and updated!
Our House!!
Coming soon!
Pregnancy pages for Gavin
Here is a shot of our new house!!  It is finally finished and we are loving it so far!!!
The most current family photo!
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