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April 28, 2005: New main page not much of a difference ^_^' oh well. Look a tag board! Check it out! Oh and btw... I've decided not to move to bravenet... they have way too many ads on the main page. >_> *looks at the geo ad to the right* At least you can minimize the geo ads. The .tk address should be up later today and maybe even a new update soon. *shock!* Ja! -Aya

April 27, 2005: Oh! Whats this??? Two consecutive updates! Thats right... Aya is back on track! =P Page 31 is up! = / unfortunately while I met one dead line.... my move to bravenet is completely far off! First I have to upload all the pages to which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't run out of premium days and can no longer post more then one page a day =(. So I'd say 3 weeks and we'll have the move all settled... and a .tk adress o.o oooh! .tk! ^_^ no more annoying anymore woot woot woot! Ja- Aya!

April 18, 2005: YES! I actually did something! Page 30 now up! I like the white on black... Maybe I'll keep it that way. Btw.. moving to bravenet soon. They have more space there... expect a new layout. The move will take place by the end of next month. Expect another update on Thursday or Friday to make up for lost time. After that updates every Tuesday. Ja! -Aya.

April 8, 2005: Yes I realize its been exactly a month since my last update.. but I have a good excuse! I've been story boarding and reading for a very important project for school. In addition to this, I'm looking for a new server because I've almost filled up my allowed space on geo. So I'll be looking for a new place and then I have to transfer everything... which proves difficult because I have NO clue how to use FTP (completely html folks!) and therefore that rules out keenspace =(. If anyone can help me out with that email me at ^.~ thanx. When will the next page be up? I donno.... hopefully soon. I really do have a life outside of this... in fact in my artclass me and my friends are busy planning a Soul Caliber mural... But I do feel guilty so I'll prolly set aside sometime this week to get a few pages up. Ja!- Aya (btw) As soon as I finish my English project I'll have a set day of the week when I update.

March 8, 2005: YAY! I have finished Chapter one! Pages 21, 22, and 23 are up. Recently, a large drawing of Miyax I did for my art class was in an Art Gallery and was featured in an Art Magazine. You can read the article here. It was done with Sharpie and Faber Castell markers and is 22X28... so its not really a painting like they said. Ja!- Aya

March 6, 2005: New additions to the gallery and indepth character profiles for Jeiku, Aya, and Akria. Next time there will be more character profiles and maybe a few more pages up... they only need to have Dialog added. Ja!- Aya

February 27, 2005: Pages 18, 19, and 20 are up. I have 3 pages inked and ready to be photoshopped.

February 1, 2005: I have a ton of new pages to put up but some of them need to be inked and/or be photoshopped. In the mean time ^_~ enjoy the new layout. Ja!- Aya

January 28, 2005: Pages 7, 8, 9, and 10 are up in Chapter one... Its amazing how much you can do when you don't sleep... well i'm off to play DDR. Ja!- Aya

January 27, 2005: Pages 4, 5, and 6 of Chapter 1 is up. I've decided to delay posting on onlinecomics until I've gotten 10 pages of Chapter 1..... that way.. when they realize that the prologue makes no sense no one will get pissed at me because theres tons of Chapter one to read. Ja!- Aya

January 26, 2005: Page 8 up ^_~... just 2 more pages. =P Ja!- Aya

January 24, 2005: Page 7 is up... counting down until my launch for 3 more pages... and i have to do a flashy button for the site and a cover for the manga. I have off all week for regents so expect alot of updates. Ja! -Aya

January 23, 2005: I guess I was feeling really productive cuz page 6 is up now. 4 more to go then her i come! Ja!- Aya

January 23, 2005: 5 is up... all in the same day too ^_^ haha the end of the prologue. Now I can start chapter one. Ja!- Aya

January 23, 2005: Okay... page 2 is now page 3 and theres something new for page 2... and page 4 is up. Enjoy! Ja!- Aya

January 7, 2005: Characters page is up but there are no bios as of yet... I'll put them up when I come home from work.... *sigh* until then you can look at the pretty pictures of my characters ^_^ not all of them are up yet.. 2 actually because i didnt like their original design and i'm gonna change it to look better. Should be up by Sunday. JA!-Aya

January 6, 2005: Well the main page is up but the only link in the navigation bar that works is the one for manga. I'll have Characters, FAQ, Author, and Contacts up soon. Ja!- Aya
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