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Lego Town Fire Department is always ready to respond to any emergency with the latest in fire fighting equipment.
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  Hello and welcome to my Lego Town.
   My Love of Lego  began many years ago and has continued  over the years. I am not your average age Lego person
   as i am 40 years young and some say to old to be playing with Lego. But as far as i am concerned you are never to old
   to enjoy yourself. A lot of my collection is classic Lego and I am always on the lookout for more to add to my
   I find most of my Lego at Trash and Treasure stalls, at garage sales or in the paper. It is getting harder to find sets
   and I get very excited when i find one that i have been searching for.
.  My children are very tolerant with me as i tend to have Lego all over the house.
   I do not have a very good digital camera so some of my pictures may be a little bit out of focus but please come
   back again and see if we have updated our towns.
   Please visit Lugnet as this site gives me a lot of inspiration and is a great place for all us Lego nuts to get together.
   Take care and build build build.
   Craig Roberts Lugnet member 670
LEGO  You're  never to old to play
best viewed with
   Captain has all his men and women looking smart and all tankers and cars highly polished, lets hope we don't get a fire call.
My town changes on a regular basis and most only last
for a month at a time. I change the layout of my towns
every time we build, and the theme is always different from
the last. I do not build any fancy buildings just plain
ordinary type town layouts, as this is easier for my kids
as these towns are played with on a daily basis.
We have just acquired several trains for our town and they
will feature in most future projects.
Please drop me an email if you like or dislike my towns.
Thanks and take care.
TOWN 2  1999
TOWN 3 1999
Local police are always busy keeping the peace.
One of our first tries at building a Town, it is very
busy i think a little bit to much in a small area, but it is
our first after all.
TOWN 4 2001
TOWN 5 2002
TOWN 6 2002
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