River of Tears
Sparkling in the morning sun
And shimmering in the evening light,
The blue wander flows on and on,
As the day passes to night
And the blue fades to black
And the stars sparkle in the sky
But the sun does not come back.

Reflections of nightly beauty
All within its depths;
Hidden within the Valley Lost,
The river takes its gentle steps
As the crickets sing
And the faeries dance
Above the swaying grass in the Earth
That waves with its chance.

The melody of broken midnight
All in its presence sweet
Lies the path of things lost long
As all the fury makes complete
As the moon gleams down
And the drop lands in it so right
And the river flows on and on,
As the day passes to night.
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This poem was written sometime in 2002 and describes what beauty there can be even in tears.
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