If you have found this page it is probably because you are looking for information on building a gyrocopter rotor head. Well, you are in luck because that is exactly what is here. We have compiled information pertaining to the designing and building of Bensen style rotor head. The drawings are not meant for someone without the required equipment or the expertise to understand what is required to build something of this complexity. You will need a knowledge of basic machining practice and the ability to work to close tolerances. The machine tools do not have to be of the large type. A small hobby lathe with a milling attachment and or a small vertical mill is all that is necessary to build this head. The machines must be capable of holding close tolerances is the only requirement. I must stress that I in no way guaranty that the head you build from these drawings will be safe to fly. A lot will depend on your abilities and the material you choose to use. I offer these drawings as a courtesy and for no compensation. I will say that in my opinion if the drawings are followed and the proper materials are used a safe and usable rotor head can be built. Any specific instructions are on the drawing it pertains to. I have included some photos of the head I am making and some sketches of what the finished head should approximately look like.

The rotor head drawings are contained in a .zip file in .AWD format. The files can be opened with any Windows imaging program. You will need an unzip program such as winzip or PKzip to unzip the file. Both programs can be downloaded from the net for free. Once you open the files you are free to view or print the information. I hope you find them usefull.

I will be adding pictures of my gyro head as I complete the work on it. I have all ready put a few pictures up for your enjoyment. I will also be adding links to other sites with worth while information as I find them. If anyone has any questions feel free to E-Mail me and I will try to answer them as quickly as possable. I would also like to here any comments good or bad from anyone who visits this site.

I have added some drawings of another style of rotor head. They are in .jpg format so you don't have to download a file to see them. Go to the the drawing index page and click on the drawing you wish to view. As with the download files you are free to use this info in any way you see fit.

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