The physical human mind, and the physical body generate a feild of energy which some researchers  
call the Bio-Magnetic Feild.  Science has long been skeptical about such a feild of energy around the body.  Yet it's erroneous to think that this feild does not exist.  The human body is electromagnetic, consisting of charged particles such as atoms, electrons, protons and ions.  Our human nervous system uses electrical current to send vital information all over the body for a variety of life functions.  Our body depends on this feild of energy it creates, to preform vital life functions all the way from computing sensory information, cellular chemistry and firing electrons accross the synapsis.  
        Everything should be thought in terms of energy. Our body is a storehouse of enormous amounts of energy, all contributing to the building blocks which form the human system.  The research I want to do, but lack the funds and equipment at this moment is to illustrate how the human mind generates a very specific feild of thought which radiates from the body depending on the frequency of the thought at the time the physical brain generates the intended thoughts.  
        Why is this important?  We are dependant on the electromagnetic spectrum for a variety of things.  It's primary function that serves us is communication in the form of radio waves, microwaves ect.  We use x-rays for many medical purposes, and light for things such as fiber optics, CD's and lighting our house.  The human body also uses the electromagnetic spectrum for it's own communication with the outside enviroment.  
        If we pretend the body is nothing more than a machine, then it has a variety of sensory organs designed to gather data from energetic feilds.  The visible spectrum is one of the main layers of the electromagnetic spectrum that the body uses to visually sense the external enviroment.  Ears act as acoustic sensors which pick up vibrational changes in dense electromagnetic feilds.  The electromagnetic feilds that are part of everyday life, are also vital to our perception of reality.  It is evident that the body uses these feilds to gather sensory information about the external enviroment it exists in.  
        How does this relate to thought?  Imagine now as you sit and think.  A very specific feild of thought is generated by the changes in your thought patterns to generate such a thought.  This change creates a variety of changes in your bio-magnetic feild, and at certain frequencies, these thoughts emminate away from the core of the body like a ripple in a pond.  The speed and distance they travell again depending on the frequency the thought is generated at.  
        For example, if you are not familliar with the four main brain wave patterns we shift through as consciousness.  Then let me introduce you to a quick run down of these frequency patterns which are detected by using an encephalogram (EEG).  


BETA  When we are active, our minds function at the beta level which is measured as being in a range of 20-14 cycles per second or 14-20 Hz.  
ALPHA When we begin to relax and focus our thinking, we enter more of an alpha state of 8-13 Hz.  Alpha contributes to such things as meditation, hypnosis, REM sleep, dreaming, day dreams ect.  

THETA This is a deeper level of brain wave activity 5 - 7 Hz.  Deep sleep, deep hypnosis and lack of waking consciousness is common in theta brain wave patterns.  

DELTA The deepest of the brain wave frequencies. 1-4Hz.  No evidence of waking consciousness, deep sleep, drug induced sleep with anesthetics.  

        The important thing to concider is, these feilds of thoughts produce a current and have an effect on the ELF around the physical body.  When we think and dream, we create a variety of complexed brain wave patterns to accompany what we have done.  And like a small recording in time and space, we leave an electromagnetic pattern of all our thoughts.  It is a technological matter of time before we can develop a machine which can read these complex patterns and generate detailed data pertaining to our thoughts.  A mind reading machine is not a sci-fi fantasy, it's a technological possibility with the advent of computer and human engineering.  
        Take a look at some of the more advanced mapping of brainwaves here using EEG Spatiotemporal Isosurfaces.   This kind of research puts a 2-Dimentional brain wave image over time to create a 3-Dimentional image of human brain wave activity.  This example shows how our thoughts might appear in time and space as an electromagnetic pattern.  Imagine what it would be like if a machine could actually interpret what thoughts were being generated from reading information from such electromagnetic patterns?  
        If thoughts create an electromagnetic feild, then our thoughts do have the potential to move through conducting feilds through time and space in a linear manner.  I imagine this like the gassing off of particles.  The higher more vibrant frequencies travell much longer and much farther than slow lower vibrational frequencies.  If you accept precognitive experiences then there is a point where our thoughts begin to vibrate so fast at a cellular molecular level that our waking consciousness can be propelled outside the space-time continuum.  
        Theta and Delta are theorised as being the moment our consciouse thoughts begin to exceed the physical dynamics of time and space, and enter the laws which govern non-linear, non-physical time and space.  Delta would probably produce a "here" and "everywhere" effect on our consciousness should we somehow remain fully awake for such a deep state of being.  Where this theory is leading stems to a theory that I have been in deep contimplation about regarding feilds of time and space as being nothing more than organized systems of electromagnetic patterns.  
        This theory embarks on the notion that thought is multi-dimentional and can create time and space as a product of consciousness at a fundamental core level.  Since the human mind is the main producer of your sense of reality, it is self-evident that human consciousness creates the mental reality of which our waking consciousness exists.  What I mean by this is, we exist in a physical energy system which is nothing more than energy feilds.  Our mind processes data collected via the five physical senses to create the tactile, and visual aspects of our reality.  And changes in these patterns create the illusion of time moving forward in a linear way to our conscious perception.  There is no real time.  Time is just the measurment of change.  What really is happening is our reality is constantly changing in infinite ways on a linear grid both horizontally and vertically.  
        If you accept the theory that time and space is infinite, then in one billionths of a second, the universe just changed an infinite number of electromagnetic states at an atomic level.  Stop time for a second.  And draw a horizontal line to represent time, at each end put arrows to represent the fact that this line is infinite.  Now draw a vertical line to represent space, and also space is equally as infinate as time so draw arrows to represent the grid.  From this 2-dimentional grid we can now create a numerical representation of measurment to plot a position in time and space which we associate with our waking consciousness.  
        This illusionary grid represents the first point of a moment of pure stasis where thought and space has frozen.  Where you can now step off of the horizontal grid, and walk vertically along space which would take a infinate amount of non-linear time to cross if we could measure it like we measure moving through time in it's horizontal way.  This example just shows how large the time/space continuum can be even when frozen to a moment of singularity, it is still expansive.  My theory on psychological time is much like this, our consciousness acts as a metranome for time.  It has it's own rythm of which it guages how much time has passed.  My theory is light acts as the measurment which our mind uses for perception both with space and with time.  
        If our consciousness begins to increase in frequency, to such a level that it begins to exceeds rythms of lightwaves which our mind is accustomed to measuring time, psychological time would speed up, and physical time would slow down.  This kind of effect is common during sleep, and also common during a drug induced state from hallucinegenic drugs such as LSD, Psilosibin, Mesciline ect.  The increase in frequency past this stage begins to move our consciousness in a non-linear manner where it can now move indapendant of it's physical location on the grid.  
        Where consciousness time-travell occures is when our conscious frequency has increased so much so, that it can now just click, or jump to any point in time and space because the grid which locks our physical waking consciousness into it's location no-longer applies.  This sudden shift into non-linear dynamics opens not only travell through physical time and space, but also interdimentionally as well.  Visions, preminitions and sudden states of intuitive knowing comes from a part of our consciousness that is not time dependant.  
        Why is this important to thought and thinking?  What does electromagnetic feilds and the electromagnetic spectrum have to do with time-travell and consciousness?  What does light have to do with time and space?  Well...Alot!  Physical Reality is just one layer of a multi-dimentional universe which has laws that govern not only physical time and space, but non-physical time and space as well.  We are talking about consciousness as being an organised vehicle of thought which governs itself in a manner that exceeds time/space knowns.  
        To progress in this theory, we have to adapt some notions that the physical universe is really not as physical as it appears to be.  That in actuallity, the physical universe is the product of consciousness perception and exists souly as a large ghestalt of information of which we upload to, and download from.  Coming from a human perspective, we have to understand that physical reality exists only as the product of our brains ability to generate a holographic re-creation of what we are conditioned to believe our universe is.  This holographic sphere of perception doesn't mean that the outside universe does not exist, only that we have a very limited peception of an infinite gestalt of energy and matter which stretches across time and space.  
        There is more than one reality of which we exist in as consciousness.  Physical Reality takes up for the most part, 99% of our current state of consciousness while we are in a Beta state and actively perciving this reality.  The 1% exists as the non-physical reflections of our linear verbal thinking, or inner dialog that we have while we think and form structured sentences in our minds.  When we begin to enter Alpha, or waking consciousness begins to take on more of the non-physical reality that exists to us as consciousness and thought.  We begin to have more visual images in our mind.  Our thoughts become less one-dimentional and more two-dimentional.  This swing can shift as much as 10%-90% non-physical depending on the state of mind at the time.  
        Once we enter Theta, we start to exist all sense of a physical reality, and begin to enter non-physical realities and non-linear time.  The conditioning factor of perception for us still is and will always be our waking consciousness ability to remain awake and alert during these shifts into deeper states of thought.  But in Theta, we can stop observing out-side realities and start creating our own realities based on thoughts.  Super-Real Dreams are a good example of this kind of thinking.  
If you are not accustomed to lucid dreaming, then you may want to read my page on dreams to get a better understanding of where this theory is going.  See DREAMS 
        These super-dreams that we create also create an electromagnetic pattern.  Think of this as a pocket dimention that a part of our mind has an ability to create in Non-Physical space and time.  Imagine that this pocket, or sphere continues to exist as an electromagnetic pattern outside Physical Space/Time, but inside your own non-physical reality.  Now look at the reality that was created and guage how detailled and accurate it was.  Did it feel real, did it have all of the five physical senses working to create and percieve the desired Super-Dream?  This dream is more an advanced form of thinking.  It is a non-verbal way that our consciousness can express ideas and thoughts.  It's a very natural talent of the sub-conscious mind, a learned one for an atrophic waking consciousness that has no idea it can actually think in a 3-Dimentional way.  
        Now we get into a the part of how thinking at this super-dream level can start to effect reality in a physical sense.  Hyper-thought that exists outside time/space is quite powerful.  We can in an instant create and destroy a universe of our own design.  Space and Time at this level is created by our understanding of how to generate a synthetic reality at a super-subconscious level.  All the laws which govern the non-physical pocket reality of a dream are totally belief dependant.  That is, the dream reacts to what we believe the laws of that dream's physics should be.  Most of the time, these dreams are self-contained by our sub-conscious in a highly organized and efficient manner.  Our waking consciousness has a difficult time accessing this information, and understanding that it is even there in the first place.  
        In a shared dream, the same perceptional skills of our physical body are mimiced in the shared dream's enviroment.  This is important to understand that our natural physical perceptional skills are identifying and organizing non-physical thought patterns and generating again, a psudo-reality of which two waking consciousness are present.  Is it possible that our super-dreaming skills are also an advanced form of communication?  That the electromagnetic pattern one human mind can form, can be shared by another human mind should it have the tools nessicary to understand the information?  What if the person was thinking in a 3-dimentional way, creating light, movement, heat, cold, up, down, taste, touch, smell.  And the effects of thinking in this way creates a very organized pattern of electromagnetic energy.  Then what if another obvserver who is also able to think in this way, absorbs that information in the same manner we absorb information from the physical universe?  
        The perceptional skills of our physical mind would then re-create naturally, the observed thought as long as the information was communicated clearly with no distortion.  Most people's waking consciousness is not equipt to deal with the understanding that such communication is possible and a thourogoing part of our super-subconscious mind.  The goal then is to educate and train our waking self to learn and aquire these skills from it's sub-conscious counterpart which is relatively easy since there really is no sepparetion in our consciousness aside from the intrenched barrier of belief that this is not the case.  
        If thought can create reality in the dreamstates.  What can thought create in physical matter reality?  Apparently for most people at this time in human history, not a lot for the current level of consciousness that we share in mass.  Yet, let's look at intelligence.  Right now the trend is, everything we do has to follow certain laws which govern the universe.  We call this physics.  It was someone thinking about physics which created the direction that consciousness could follow to learn and understand what physics was.  
        Take a car for example, or a computer even.  These things should not exist by any rational means if you look at nature, and look at animals.  Yet human thought somehow managed to form the idea that it was possible to create such devices and based on a scientific principle which is very important, mechanically hammered out the initial idea.  But the origin of all our science begins with a person's vision.  Where does this vision come from?  It's flows from a part of us that I like to call "Creative Intellegence".  Where human consciousness is now able to form a plan, or an idea, and creatively harnest the notion that it can exist in an intellegent, organized manner.  The origin as always was an initial thought, or idea.  
        In one hundred years, look what creative intelligence at the hands of a human society created?  We have advanced so far because of this fundamental learning curve in our evolving consciousness that now we can have things which before were only stories of science fiction.  I believe dreams also play a major part in this expidential learning curve as our consciousness approaches new growths in non-physical science.  What is the next step?  
        We have to look at Precogntive Dreams for the answers.  Dreams any way we look at them, are expressively a language much like our own inner dialoge we have with ourselves when we think about things in our Beta state.  They are constructed by a system of highly organized thought and planning.  Evidently, the deeper we go into our consciousness, the more organized and creative our consciousness becomes.  Precognitive dreams are part of this Creative Process.  And what is the Creative Process?  It is exactly what it reads, a process of creating.  What does it create?  This realtiy.  


        In my course on consciousness, I attempted to convey what the creative process was.  The theory behind the creative process is this.  The Infinite Universe has a system of organized consciousness that is patterned down to everything we can percieve.  Our consciousness is in itself, limited only by what we believe ourselves to be, and limited by what we are as a physical human.  Where individual consciousness and group consciousness come into play, is the fact we share our personal reality with an infinite number of hosts.  That is what makes up this physical matter reality.  It is a much grander scheme than just the needs of a single individual.  It's universally collosal.  
        Picture the universe as a super-computer.  A massive data bank of past, present and future.  On top of that, imagine a network of other super-computers which network with this central host and upload and download information.  And at the end of each of these super-computers is you as a waking consciousness parlty oblivious to this massive information exchange that you are involved in.  
        When you sleep at night, you begin to log out of the physical reality, and start to log into some of your dream realities.  Your consciousness begings to divide into deeper layers of being.  And one layer enters this super-network and logs in.  From this point, anything imaginable is possible, yet like any good computer system, heavilly moderated by super-intelligence  keeping the program consistant and organised.  Once in the system, you communicate with this massive network who you are, what you are, and where you are.  It slots you into your placement and from that you dream in a way that trancends the human ego.  
        These dreams on the precogntive layer are not just your thoughts, rather you have synchronised your thoughts at a level which permits others to share and think along side of yours in a quantum way.   A co-creative process of highly organized thinking and planning at a level which produces the world which your waking consciousness participates in.  The outcome of this type of dreaming?  Anyone who has experienced a precognitive dream knows, that information came from somewhere.  
Where it came from, they may not remeber, but they somehow remeber the dream.  
        Think about this initial precognitive dream as a highly charged non-linear pattern of thought that is now about to be released into time and space.  How is this done?  The electromagnetic spectrum for me, seems to point at some of the possible answers for this creative process.  Take the concept that the electromagnetic spectrum carries information over time and space.  And it travells in waves which slow can slow down over time as energy is transformed.  If we are just percieving information in this kind of manner, then in the probable future a highly charged dream is slotted a point in time and space where it's level of energy slows down to catch up with our waking conscious self creating the sense of time and space, but also giving the added information that it was the source of a precognitive dream.  
        If thinking at this level produces reality, then everything we exist in is just a feild of thought.  That energy and space are just ideas which we govern our physical experience like some huge computer program.  Science is starting to catch up, just as some of us here are starting to catch up with our non-linear self.  That reality is the product of consciousness existance.  And physical matter reality is created in a manner that some of our greatest dreams are created.  That there is order and structure to the universe because it is created that way.  And everything participates in that creation.  
        I know this get's kind of zen spiritual on you, but it's inevitable that we have to start to understand the dynamics of consciousness and thought.  And how these dynamics form the very realities we exist in, both physical and non.  Electromagnetic Feilds can be organised patterns of thought.  If the universe is a mentally created idea, and we are share a creative roll, then there must be more organised systems we can create as a society to advance forward in quantum leaps.  
        And knowing this, is it possible to change reality in those states?  To influence a desired result here?  Check my EVIDENCE page for some exciting possibilities.  

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