My experience with precognition has opened a doorway of potential unlike anything I have seen in the wake of our advancement into a technological society.  During my "mapping" phase where I would leave a mark, a footprint to myself that I was at a certain layer of the dreaming spectrum.  This mark was to help navigate me through the non-linear aspects of time and space through conscious phenomenology.  In one dream, the person in this picture was present.  And at a distance of about six feet, I caused a small triangle to appear on his forehead.  I repeat, this was done in a dream, furthermore, I was fully awake, conscious and aware that I was dreaming.  The thing which made this dream spectacular was not the dream itself, but the fact it occurred on the precognitive layer.  Three weeks later, while working at my job at the time, on May 13, 1998.  The dream simply came true.  As is the case of precognitive dreams.  As you can see by the mark on Kevin's forehead, the changes I made in the dream manifested in reality

What does this triangle represent?  Read below for more on this exciting discovery.

The original Polaroid picture of the mark.   
  This picture is the enhanced version  
  because some people have difficulty  
  seeing where the mark is unless it  
  is pointed out. 
These pictures were taken six months after the original date of the mark.  As you can see, the triangle is still visible.
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Kevin's Triangle continued...
             On May 13, 1998, I was working at the Pen-mar Cinema Center as the assistant manager.  Unknown to all around me, I was conducting personal research on precognitive dreaming.  My experiments were for personal interests.  What I know about reality and myself is far more advanced, and far more spiritual then what the average person realizes.  You can say, I have not forgotten the dream.  Kevin was just at the right place, at the right time.  The dream was one feat in itself.  Lucid dreaming can be a rare account for most people on Earth.  To change a dream a little rarer.  But to have a lucid precognitive dream, change it, and observe the changes as they occur in real life, in real time is something outside of most people's scope of acceptability.  And this is just the small tip of a huge trail I have left for myself in the wake of my realizations of myself.

            As in the dream, Kevin was standing behind the concession counter consciously unaware of what was about to take place.  With no forewarning, I raised my hand and pointed my finger at him as I did in the dream.  Kevin looked at me with a questioning face, and the triangle formed.  He asked me what I was doing and I told him I had just put a triangle on his forehead, and I asked him if he wanted me to make it permanent.  

            Personally, I don't think Kevin realized I was serious at the time, and he said sure.  The rest is captured on his head and on photographs.  As you can see, the mark is very visible.  Many people at work witnessed that mark, and even Kevin's parents noticed it without him drawing attention to it when he went home.  His mom thought he hit his head on something and thought it was a bruise.    This event lead to a friendly conversation with his father on what had occurred.

            So what's the deal?  Did I really cause this triangle to form on his head from a distance of six feet?  The mark is still evident to this day, I have witness accounts of the event.  People who know me, and know Kevin saw the resulting mark.  Draw your own conclusions.  There is your photographic evidence, your witness testimony for this one event.  It is not an isolated event.  

           What is this then?  In my opinion, it is photographic evidence of a precognitive dream that has come true.  You are seeing through the camera's eye, a lucid dream that I had.  This is the dream which came true, to every detail, in every way what I remember from the dream.   If you have ever had a dream come true, then at least you can personally appreciate what I am trying to achieve in my limited research.  If you have not, and don't accept this as being fact, so be it, draw your own conclusions.

Click here to see the triangle I formed on my hand through the same technique that caused the triangle on Kevin's head.


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