This is a sample from an IRC chat experiment that I find interesting

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<hmmm> I'm new...whats the subject?

<Ian> I scared this one girl today because she watched as I literally animated my hand with shapes before her and this other girls eyes.

<Ian> they were both stopped dead in disbelief.

<peapod> did she run away screaming?

<Ian> then I did it to the one girl.

<Wildfire> what did you do when you woke up

<Ian> no, she held in there.

<Ian> Even let me do them to her.

<Ian> She's cool with it since I have known her for years thankfully.

<Ian> Hey Hmmm.

<Ian> Well, It's off topic.

<hmmm> yes?

<Ian> But it has to do with mind over matter.

<Wildfire> the subject is : "Valium... uses and doses"

<hmmm> Really?

<hmmm> Tell me more

<Wildfire> would you like a sample

<Ian> It's just something that I have been able to do over the last month.

<hmmm> sure--I think. Will it hurt?

<Ian> Want just the quick short list of effects?

<hmmm> please

<Ian> When it first occured, I was able to induce paralysis on a persons hand. Repeated several times to several people. Then reduced it to numbness, hot, cold, vibration, and pain. Then I was able to project a mark like a circle, triangle or square into their hand, arm or face where it visibly appeared.

<Ian> that's the short list.

<hmmm> Wow--what do I have to do?

<Ian> I stand as far as 5 feet away, as close as 1 " away to achieve it without ever touching them.

<hmmm> Wildfire asked if I wanted a sample. I'm interested

<Ian> Uh, well, I never tried it over the net...I wonder if I could.

<Ian> Ok, stick out your hand, let me experiment...hehe... just hold it to the side and feel.

<Ian> just be aware of it though totally doubtful anything will happen.

<Ian> but possibilites are never left unexplored.

<hmmm> its tingly

<Ian> ok

<Ian> keep holding it out

<hmmm> oh I was just holding it by my side

<Ian> that's ok

<Ian> look at the very center of your hand and just watch it for a few moments

<hmmm> ok

<Ian> ok that's it

<Ian> the best I can do from such an invisible, physically out of touch target.

<Ian> tell me if there was any effects at all if any.

<Ian> anything aside from tingles?

<hmmm> well, unless i'm imagining it, the center of my left palm has a large white area

<Ian> any shape to it?

<hmmm> it olmost looks like a tulip plant

<hmmm> a leaf on near the thumb and a stem in the center and a flower

<Ian> hold your hand out again, let me try another go.

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<Ian> watch it closely

<hmmm> ok

<Ian> ok done, any effects...?

<hmmm> the center is definately whiter than the rest of the palm

<Ian> tactile and/or visual.

<hmmm> visual

<Ian> compared to your other hand?

<hmmm> yep

<hmmm> what were you concentrating on

<Ian> hold them both out, and focus I will work on one target hand, tell me if there is any changes between the hands in the form of tactile and/or visual...

<Ian> I will tell you in a sec.

<Ian> let's play a little more first.

<hmmm> ok

<Ian> ok, done.

-> *wildfire* targetted the right hand.

<Ian> what hand did you get a result on?

<Ian> if any

<hmmm> looks like a white blob in the center of my right hand

<Ian> ok...

<hmmm> my left hand in now pink

<Ian> wild fire, what hand did I msg you?

<Ian> the target hand.

<Wildfire> right

<Ian> thanks wild fire!

<Ian> That's the best I can do Hmmm...

<Ian> what ever conclusions you would like.

<Ian> it was the right hand.

<hmmm> That's really impressive

<Ian> Never expected any result.

<hmmm> what did you do the first time?

<Ian> anything tactile?

<Ian> it's complexed, but let me try to summarise it.

<hmmm> it tingled a little at first, my left hand

<Ian> I tried to place a cylender of energy in the center of your palm to form a circle.

<Ian> I imagined the cylender passing into and through the palm, in the center of the hand.

<hmmm> on my left hand

<Ian> yep

<hmmm> ?

<Ian> then I target the right hand afterwards and used the same exact cylender.

<hmmm> I could say what I saw was a cylinder shape

<hmmm> what came on the right hand was very much like the left

<Ian> it's hard for me to tell of course since I cannot see it.

<Ian> ok, cool.

<Ian> this is the first time I ever attempted anything like this in this kind of range.

<Ian> interesting to say the least if a desired result was achieved.

<hmmm> I'm in Ohio, where are you?

<Ian> Penticton B.C. Canada

<hmmm> I've been interested in RV for a long time

<Ian> I don't do RV :(

<Ian> I have yet to train.

<Ian> this has nothing to do with TRV.

<Ian> it's pretty much off topic.

<Wildfire> Ian do you have any computer programming skills

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<hmmm> What you are doing must take the same kind of skills

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<Ian> Well, I stay away from that ideology.

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<hmmm> programming skills?

<Ian> If you want to try again Hmmm, let me know and I will try another experiment.

<hmmm> sure--tell me just what to do

<Ian> same thing, stick out both hands and observe both, let me focus on one hand that you are not aware of.

<hmmm> ok--go

<Ian> And I will tell WildFire, my desired goal.

<Ian> and then see if it matches your experience

<hmmm> ready when you are

<Ian> ok ready...give me a few seconds..

<hmmm> ok

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<Ian> ok that is the best i can do, any tactile and/or visual effects, if so which hand?

<hmmm> whole right hand feels heavy

<hmmm> theres a white spot in the center

<hmmm> a blue dot at 7 o'clock

<hmmm> maybe some light pink dots in the center

<hmmm> am I imagining it?

<Ian> look at the left hand, lower hand near the thumb and palm

<Ian> what do you see if anything there,

<Ian> perhaps a smaller shape possibly pink.

<hmmm> a long dark streak from the base of the thumb almost to the center of my palm

<Ian> does it form any shape?

<Ian> look close at first and slowly move the hand back

<hmmm> wait, let me look at something on my thumb

<hmmm> boy the base of my thumb sure looks funny, but no discernable shape

<Ian> I tried for a triangle on the left hand.

<hmmm> looks like a couple of welts, parallel

<Ian> it would have appeared pink or redish

<Ian> and it would not have been there normally...

<Ian> ok still look at the left hand, and at the palm area near the thumb and wrist...

<hmmm> I can see a pink triangle where the thumb meets the palm

<Ian> how visual?

<Ian> and is it on a slant?

<Ian> or straight across?

<hmmm> pretty noticeable. it slants

<Ian> ok good, It should slant.

<Ian> look at that triangle, and hold the hand out...

<Ian> let me try again

<hmmm> one point would be at about 5:00

<Ian> ready?

<hmmm> ok left hand?

<Ian> yrp

<hmmm> go

<hmmm> diamond shape same place point down, really pink

<Ian> keep watching...let me build it up

<hmmm> ok

<Ian> ok...done

<Ian> what do you see and what did you feel if anything?

<hmmm> same thing, really red

<Ian> how does it feel?

<Ian> and how big is it?

<hmmm> I don't notice a feeling

<Ian> my goal was to form a circle, above the triange towards the palm, one centimeter in diamiter.

<hmmm> it's probably 1/2 to 3/4 inch on each side.

<Ian> ok size matches up ok.

<hmmm> very regular

<Ian> if I could show you my hand you would see the pattern since it is here on mine now as I speak.

<hmmm> It may be that I'm not too good at seeing these shapes

<Ian> the circle if I managed to send it should be hollow, but and about a millimeter thick in line depth, and one centemeter in diamiter.

<Ian> well, look at the distance we are working at.

<hmmm> I could say there is an ice cream shape instead of a diamond

<Ian> yeah, it would look like an ice-cream cone.

<hmmm> I think I'm impressed, are you?

<Ian> I am very hopeful.

<Ian> it opens a newer door to explore.

<hmmm> So, since I've never been in a chat room before, what do we do? Make an appointment to try again later?

<Ian> as long as you never had the triangle before, and as long as it appeard within this session then something is there to consider for sure.

<Ian> This is a first for me.

<Ian> are you on a WWW?

<Ian> not the chat thing, but the long range mind over matter.

<hmmm> I don't --think--I've had a triangle before, but then I never looked before

<hmmm> huh??

<Ian> are you using netscape, or explorer to chat?

<Ian> Or a chat program?

<hmmm> explorer. I came in through looking at ingo swann sites

<Ian> cool

<Ian> here's my e-mail

<hmmm> followed a thread to psi tech


<Ian> I am big into this kind of stuff.

<hmmm> ok I am

<hmmm> I've spent a lifetime researching. Am now disabled, off work and have the time to explore further

<Ian> nice time to open your mind :)

<Ian> I will be posting some photo's on my website soon.

<hmmm> yep, I've been looking forward to having this kind of time since I was 16. Now I'm 59

<Ian> I'm 26 and have been doing OOBE stuff since I was 16

<Ian> I just make the time for it as best I can.

<hmmm> photos of what, and what is your website.

<hmmm> I read a bunch of oobe stuff when the first book came out, probably 20 or so years ago.

<hmmm> I've also talked to a couple of people who have had the experience.


<hmmm> Ian, I'll look forward to hearing from you on e-mail and will check your home page soon. thanks for the experience.

<Ian> no probs, thanks for participating Hmmm

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