1st Edition
  By Ian Wilson
 © October 23, 1998.

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     This book contains consciousness expanding material and techniques.  All techniques have been tested and re-produced by the author throughout a ten-year study in the related areas of consciousness.  Although the experiences and techniques has not caused any mental/physical or emotional trauma to the author, the profound nature of the material has greatly changed and enhanced his over-all view of himself as a system of consciousness. 
      By reading this disclaimer you accept that the information contained in this book is explorative in nature, but is produced without neither warranty nor guarantee, either expressed or implied.  The author will not be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by this book.  By participating in this course, you do so of your own free will, time and effort. 
      The author also encourages you to keep an open mind to the content of this course, but in the same time, if you have not had any personal experience with this material; keep a strong sense of skepticism until you yourself verify the evidence.  This can be done through first-person experience and verification through your journal.  In no way is this material designed to form some order of religion/cult or sect where by members must commit to unnecessary beliefs and practices.  This material is purely explorative with the intent to progress through controlled scientific knowledge and progressive understanding into the nature of the human mind both while awake, and while asleep.  Should any material offend your religious, political, social beliefs, the author reminds you that you are in no way obligated to believe/accept/acknowledge this material in any way should it contradict what you want to believe. 
      The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a new avenue of techniques designed to direct the reader to certain possibilities and experiences.  The basis of research is to turn unknowns into knowns.  In addition, research helps to convert a system of belief, into a system of knowledge through, controlled and progressive experience.  This does not guarantee that some of these states will be achievable by the reader. 


A Course on Consciousness  

About This Course   
The Purpose of this Course  
Reality and Human Consciousness 
Physical and Non-Physical Reality 
Waking and Sleeping Consciousness 
What You'll Need to Start This Course  
Introduction to Dreaming 
  Why do we Dream?  
  Why Remember your Dreams?  
  Techniques for Dreams and Dream Recall  
Four  Stages of Dreaming  
  Stage One  
  Stage Two  
  Stage Three  
  Stage Four  
Hypnogogic Territories and Barriers 
  Hypnogogic Territories. 
  The Barriers  
Stress/anxiety/fear reduction Techniques  
  Walking Meditation with Eyes Open.  
  Sitting Meditation with Eyes Closed.  
  Instant Stress Release.  
Techniques for refining dream quality.  
  Cognitive Mapping.  
  Seeing Through Your Mind.  
  The Lazy-Man's Technique  
  Dream Recall Techniques 

  Day One  
  Day Two  
  Day Three 
  Day Four  
  Day Five  
  Day Six  
  Day Seven  

Introduction to Lucid Dreaming. 
Why lucid dream rather than just dream?  
Controlling the Dream. 
Four Stages of a Lucid Dream.  
The Logic Test 
  Stage One. 
  Stage Two.  
  Stage Three.  
  Stage Four.  
Balancing Techniques while In A Dream. 
  Day Eight.  
  Day Nine. 
  Day Ten.  
  Day Eleven.  
  Day Twelve 
  Day Thirteen 
  Day Fourteen 

Shared Dreams  
What are Shared Dreams? 
Do we always share dreams? 
What factors may prevent a shared dream? 
  Lack of Dream Recall 
  The Unconscious Participant 
  Personification of the Dreamstate 
  Time Displacement 
  Cleaning up these factors  
  Shared Dream Potential 
  Roaming Dream Gangs 
Four Stages of a Shared Dream 
  Stage One  
  Stage Two  
  Stage Three 
  Stage Four 
Technique for finding someone in a Dream  
  Day Fifteen  
  Day Sixteen  
  Day Seventeen 
  Day Eighteen 
  Day Nineteen 
  Day Twenty 
  Day Twenty-One 

Out-of-Body Experiences 
What are Out-of-body Experiences 
What is the difference between and OOBE and a LD? 
What are the different bodies of an OOBE?  
What are the layers? 
Are there other intelligent beings out there?  
Can I meet deceased friends and relatives? 
Are these experiences real? 
The four stages of an Out-of-Body experience 
  Stage One 
  Stage Two 
  Stage Three  
  Stage Four 
Day Twenty-Two 
Day Twenty-Three  
Day Twenty-Four 
Day Twenty-Five 
Day Twenty-Six 
Day Twenty-Seven 
Day Twenty-Eight 

Lucid Precognitive Dreams  
What are Precognitive dreams? 
What are Lucid Precognitive Dreams? 
Why have a lucid precognitive dream rather than just a dream? 
Can I control a precognitive dream as I control a regular dream? 
Four Stages of a Lucid Precognitive Dream 
  Stage One 
  Stage Two 
  Stage Three  
  Stage Four 
Day One 
Day Two 
Day Three 
Day Four 
Day Five 
Day Six 
Day Seven 

Biomagnetic Energy and You 
How do I detect it?  
What can I do with it? 
Techniques for building up this field 

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On-Line Resources 

About the Author  

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