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Stuart Wood
"When I look outside and no one is around to see, I just close my eyes and fly into my other dream."

Stuart Wood, formerly of the Bay City Rollers and Karu, has in the past few years turned his talents to arranging, performing and producing celtic music under the title of "Celtic Spirit". Until recently, he kept his anonymity in the project, preferring to let the music speak for itself. And it speaks beautifully. His "Scottish Moods II" and "Celtic Spirit" are absolute perfection, and "Glen of Tranquility" is just gorgeous. Those who enjoy bagpipes along with their celtic, make sure to check out "Scotland at Sunset."

Stuart’s celtic cd’s on REL Records can be purchased from www.portlandamerica.com and at Amazon.com.

Stuart at SAL 99
Toronto, Canada


Check out Stuart's newest celtic cd:
The Scottish Chillout Album
at all major record stores.


‘’I’ll love you forever
Every moment I’m in you
Each time we’re together
Everything you say or do
Till the morning turns the day
Every movement that you make
I’ll love you forever
‘Cause tomorrow’s just another day away.
‘Cause tomorrow’s just another day away.’’

Bay City Rollers
(Wood/Faulkner 1979)


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