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"Steadman blew my mind!"

"The band Steadman have the songs, the musicianship, the energy and the enthusiasm to blow the top off any club or arena, and, if given a listen, have that RARE quality - the ability to DELIVER! I like this band!!"
Paul McCartney

Steadman - "Oceans of You"

I've got to show my face to you and tell you
It never happened like I had planned
Give me my prize I realised that you can't make a difference
If that difference won't give you the time.

But it's all that I got
My innocence in oceans of you...

I'm no good misunderstood
I've had it up to here and then some
You can fail to live your dream if somebody decides that you cannot

But it's all that I got
My innocence in oceans of you

(Simon Steadman)

Loser Friendly
Produced and Mixed by Eric Faulkner

Read what people are saying about it:

"exceptional songwriting...Perfect Power pop...Simon's talent for penning strong melodies seems destined to win Steadman many new friends" Music Week, UK

"Simon Steadman (vocalist and project namesake) has an ability for songwriting rarely heard in this day of the dance music led industry. It's a refreshing change from a majority of the dirge heard over the airwaves all day, everyday and this alone stands them in good stead for success." Level Magazine, UK

"The first track has one of the greatest melodies ever written, and it is guaranteed to send shivers cascading down your spine." Twang E-zine, UK

"reminiscent of a very interesting combo of U2 and the Beatles but with a more alternative flavour than either. I just couldn't stop listening to it." The Muses Mus, Canada

"Simon is writing more for recording than live performance than he has ever done before, the result of which is his strongest collection of songs to date, emphasising the maturity of his writing and ready to reach out to people who don't need to have ever seen the band's members perform live to be touched by the music." Music Week

"Pretty damned cool & production many bands would cry for." Heard Magazine

"I have recently come into a great community of unsigned British bands, some really creative folks. This is the latest in that line. And, possibly, the best I've heard so far." Aiding & Abetting E-zine, USA

"It's a rare commodity to come up with songs that have intelligent lyrics, melody and 'hooks', this album pulls it off with ease and I for one really hope that this is gonna be the break through they so richly deserve. " On the Record, UK

"Steadman blew my mind ! PreAmp.com , USA

"Steadman is part of a growing army of bands, artists & musicians who are doing a damn fine job of producing, packaging, and promoting top-notch music on their own. Their new CD, Loser Friendly" is an original, organic,glistening piece of pop that gets under your skin ike a happy virus." IndieJournal USA


-22 Jan 01- Steadman was recently a featured artist on Napster.com and has just signed a licensing deal with The Ozone Recording Company based in L.A., who will be promoting them in the US and Canada.

-February 2002- Steadman signed with Elektra Records.

-15 May 2003- Check the site for tour dates in the US!

-5 August 2003- Revive Released across the States!

Steadman's Official Website

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