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Les Whisler

These are lyrics written by my uncle and a friend about my grandpa years ago.
I found them again recently and asked for permission to share.
You can find Les Whisler's site (he is also an artist - see a bit of his work on the art links page) at

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The High Point of Lowpoint
by Les Whisler

I come from a place called Lowpoint
state certified with a sign
And my dad ran a station at the edge of the road
66 on 89
I used to walk down from town to see who was around
Listen to the loafers with a big Royal Crown
It was the high point of Lowpoint
with not much else to be found

Jap Miller, Tom Debolt and the rest of the boys
would tell stories 'bout the good ole days
My dad done the welding and he did it right
then he'd sit down and have his say
One New Year's Eve they stayed late, forgot their wives
and Dad dropped the change box all over the drive
It was the low point of the high point
Mom said "Don't repeat that jive"

Now the times turned around and the town's shut down
and there's nothin' up there but the mill
And when you turn into town you see the kids cross the tracks
and wander down the hill
And they stop and get a pop and maybe somethin' to eat
and listen to the loafers while they rest their feet
It's still the high point of Lowpoint
with not much else to be found
it's still the high point of Lowpoint
with nothin' else to be found

That's why I'm proud to be one of the high points of Lowpoint
A place where only squares can have a ball
They don't wave Old Glory down at the courthouse
There's no courthouse
In fact there's nothin' much at all


My big sis and me with Grandma and Grandpa

The Old Man at the End of the Road
by Suzanne Schroen

We are only the difference we make in the liives
that we touch as we walk through this world
We are only as good as the deed that we did
when no one was looking and it didn't matter
We are only worth the memory we made for the stranger
we didn't know and may not see again
It's the children of yesterday who stand up today
just to tell you how it all began for them

He's thirty-six but he can tell you how when he was ten
he went down to see the man outside of town
The tire on his bike was flat,
but he know right where help was at
The man was busy helping those who laid their money down
He stopped what he was doing and he told the people waiting
"I can see this young boy needs a helping hand"
For a smile and a thank-you that bike rolled down the road
And the boy would never be the same again

We are only the difference…

And I can attest when we came to this town
of the treatment impartial and cold
'Till the day that we found
Thank God he was around
The old man at the end of the road

We are only the difference…

It's the children of yesterday who stand up today
With the prayer that they may somehow thank the man


Les Whisler



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