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"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."
Tim McGraw

K. Kikuchi comes from an artistic family
and is just beginning her own artistic expression with a variety of media.

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Images © K. Kikuchi. Used with permission. Please request authorization for use.

Watercolor 2004

Watercolor on Cardboard 2004

Bo the Cat
Charcoal 2004

Watercolor 2004 (gift for a friend)

Charcoal 2004

Charcoal 2004

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The true musician (by Erik Satie)

He grows in wisdom...He is brilliant...He learns to do without
and is prepared to make great sacrifices...enormous sacrifices...
if I may say...His energy is tremendous...
In other words he is prepared for the struggle...and with honesty he shall fight it...
The performance of an Art demands complete self-denial...
...It was not meant as a joke what I just said...about sacrifices...
The Music makes heavy demands upon those who want to
devote themselves in it...This is what I have wanted you to call your attention to...

A true musician must subordinate himself his Art; ...he must place himself above human suffering;
...he must draw courage from within...and only from within.

from: The Erik Satie Homepage
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