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Children's IQ

J How Family Shapes Children's IQ (from Lifeminders.com)

Hundreds of studies have explored the relationship between social background and children's IQ's. Nicholas Broman, Ph.D., studied more than 50,000 children born in the US and found, not surprisingly, that the average IQ of children rose with both social class and maternal education. (British studies show the same.) Moreover, Broman found that mothers with more education had children with higher IQs within each social class.

Just how do parents help or hinder their children's learning? Researchers discovered that parents of children with high IQ's all tend to do the following:

They provide the child with an interesting and complex physical environment which includes toys appropriate for the child's developmental level.

They are emotionally responsive to the child and involved in their daily lives. This can be seen in their warm, contingent reactions to the child.

They smile when the child smiles, talk when the child talks and answer the child's questions.

They talk to their child, using language that is accurate and richly descriptive.

They are not excessively restrictive or punitive. Instead they give the child room to explore and even to make mistakes.

They have high expectations for their child's learning and emphasize achievement, especially educational achievement.

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