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Our home is maintained solely for the comforts of the animals that live here.  

Ping with kits in playpen Jo-Jo trying to snuggle in with the dogs

Giant Angoras are second on the 2006 Rare Rabbot Breeds list.  For this reason, I breed strictly for the preservation of the breed. To be owned by one of my very special rabbits, an application must be made and adoption is possible to approved homes only. 

At any given time there are 10 - 20 Giant Angoras on staff.  Their job is the most important of all.  They are the fibre producers and therefore they are treated with the utmost respect.  Without them Homespun Angoras Studio would not be a dream come true.

Feel free to wander around the website or browse through the shop.  The items in the shop are handmade by me and the monies received from the sales are used for the comforts and upkeep of the animals that live here.  

Thank you for stopping by!



Upcoming Events:

  • June 20, 2009

Nanton Spinners & Weavers Guild 

Annual General Meeting

Nanton, Alberta


  • July 3, 4, 5, 2009

Spinning, Weaving & Felting demonstrations at the Calgary Stampede Victoria Pavilion


  • August 14 & 15, 2009

Annual Guild Potluck Spin-in hosted by Homespun Angoras Studio in Vulcan, Alberta

Instruction Schedule:

Coming Fall of 2009


In conjunction with the Adult Learning Centre for Vulcan County, check their website for times and location:

  • "U.F.O." Nights

Every one has a U.F.O. (UnFinished Object) in their collection of fibre art projects.  Do you need to have a set time and motivation to help you finish that project?  Join Fibre Artist and Sewing Fiend, Joanne Block, for 4 evenings to get you kick started on finishing those "last season" projects.  Let her help answer your questions and get you started on finishing those "U.F.O."'s.   Plan to come by yourself and make a friend or bring one with you!  Enjoy the well lit classroom to work on whatever project you want to finish.  

  • Hand Quilting

 Your instructor, Joanne Block, will help you to discover the secret to enjoying this timeless craft.  Just as our grandmothers before us did, come join her for an evening of stitching and chatter.  Mark and baste a 12" x 12" cushion cover.  Use special tools and the "rocking" stitch to form graceful lines of running stitches to create an elegant whitework design that you will be proud to display.

  • Batik

Batik, which means "Printing out with wax", is a delicate art with origins to ancient Java.  In this workshop the participants will be creating a one of a kind work of art.  The method used is commonly referred to as "hand drawn".
Hand-drawn batik is where designs are drawn on fabric with hot liquid wax using a metal "pen" called a canting.  When the wax outlines are done, the participants will then use brushes to paint the dyes within the outlines.  The use of brushes allows for the creation of shaded and multi-hued designs similar to water colour painting.  The finished batik painting can then be hung from a wooden rod (not included) and displayed as any other painting might be.  This workshop is designed to teach the basics of batik, no artistic talent is required.  

  • Kumihimo jewelry

Kumihimo, or the art of braiding, is a satisfying and beautiful craft. Using the foam marudai (loom) included in the kit you can easily and quickly create many beautiful kumihimo braids for jewelry, clothing, hair adornment, bookmarks, or myriad of other uses.  This is a great idea for gift giving!  Just in time for Christmas you will learn to make beautiful bling that will be a definite pleasure for anyone to receive!  This class will have you complete a gorgeous bracelet with glass beads in just a few hours.   Braid, slip on the beads, and add the clasp. This is a beginner level class that includes everything you need: loom, beads, threads, clasp and complete instructions.This is a popular class and space is limited so don't wait until the last minute to register!

  • Accurate Quilting with Paper Piecing

Adorn your home by making a placemat with a Christmas theme while learning the technique of paper piecing.  Sew fabric on the lines to create accurate and intricate patchwork.  You will want to rush home to make more placemats as well as the matching tablerunner.


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