My name is Andy, I have made these pages to share my eldest son, my angel, with you all.
Michael was born on 31st May 1992, weighing 8lb 13oz.
Simpsons Memorial Maternity Pavillion in Edinburgh.
Michael was a gift to show me the meaning of true unconditional love, of that I have no doubt.
On 24th December 1996, Michael was taken from us in a house fire.
It was the worst day of our lives,
All we are left with are our memories, but you cannot hold memories and you cannot tell memories how much you love them
I will always wonder what Michael would be like now, I will never get to tell him again how very proud I am of him, my son, my wee man, my angel.
Daddy loves you so very much Mikey!!!!
God Bless and Sleep Well my Darling.
Always Our Children
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