Welcome to Fe and Herb's  family photo pages.,,
not much in here  but, pictures, pictures, and more pictures.. *_*  you can tellI l-o-v-e pictures, with my family and friends since this is very convenient way these days..
I do update most of them  and so come back again and check what's new.. ..
Herb's phtos with
Photos of us with some celebrities we've meet through the years.
Click me ......Sting,MrTony Bennette,John Tesh, Elvis Costello N etc....
New Ones ..From the Pantages Theater.
FEBRUARY 11, 2004
A short story about us.
05-my family in Virginia
when my Inay made it to USof A.
Herb and I
orchids collections
my niece, IRENE
our trip to DAvao City, Philippines 2002
FE's New way of getting around town
Our trip to New York City
we supported ARNOLD
our photos with mom  10-05-2003
webshots photos
a glimpsed of kelly Clarkson
more photos here
snapdragon collections
daisies page
Bird of Paradise
more digi captions
My Photos with Mr: Andrew Firestone
we had an opportunity to meet CELINE DION
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