I won the CL award for the month of July.
    I want to thank all who voted for me.
    This means so much to me.
    HUGS to all of you Texas Bear Style.

    I taught this bear to
    dance to the music ;) LOL J/K !


    I adopted Sugar at Cute Cute Pet Shop.

    Something fun to do is the
    magic eye. Can you see the 3D picture?
    Click HERE to see if you can.

    Well, I think it's time I changed this.
    I feel like I have learned HTML pretty well now.
    So welcome to my Den, take your shoes off,
    and make yourself at home! I have
    been a GeoCities homesteader here now since
    1997 :) My page is not about one thing.
    It's many people grouped together in one big
    happy family :) Enjoy your stay here and meet
    A lot of super friends and family .

    A poem wrote by me on our Lighthouse here
    on Galveston Island. Click HERE to read it.

    LaceyBear is a member of ....

    Click the Bear Friends to view

    Click for Galveston, Texas Forecast


    My Angel Hope

    Please help to support the
    "Adopt A Guardian Angel"
    program. By doing so you
    are virtually taking the hand of a
    neighbor and joining us in
    creating a never ending circle around
    the world that will empower us to
    stand up and be the voice for
    all children of this planet!
    Show them we care enough to
    make a difference! In reality,
    by displaying this link back to
    our site you are helping us to
    meet our goal of creating awareness,
    education, recognition, prevention and
    intervention and that is the first real
    step towards breaking the cycle of
    abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!

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