Hello all, can you feel it beginning to gnaw at you? The darkness of your very existence sucking you in...Get ready to enjoy the ride of the life time but tread carefully once you choose your role.

Shall you be a powerful lycan? A seductive vampire? Or a pathetic little human. Either way all creatures answer to me, the Master of the City, I can both help you and hinder you on your way to greatness, it all depends on how carefully you act in my favour..And what favours you are willing to do for me...
My name is Caile and I run the town, so welcome and be ready to learn a little history.

I was turned at the age of 25 by none other than Belle Morte, I remained as an aid to her at her side for five hundred years before she gladly released me into the world.

My kind has a long history that has beckoned other for centuries and if you ask nicely I may be able to bring you over and not get into trouble with the law, or any executioners that may be lingering around.

You have entered a city that rarely sleeps, the nightlife is one that never stops long after I have died for the day you can find fun. So be ready, because if you have too much fun you may
wake up in the arms of a surprising creature.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: As some of you may know AvidGamers completely crashed we have started anew but have very few members. If you wish to join the new forums the link above has been updated.

For new people we are always accepting new members we just request that you make sure to look over the information first so that you'll know what's going on and how to be the best character you can be.

Don't be afraid to sign up, in fact we're kind of eager for new blood...so to speak.

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