The city that never sleeps, it is a place of legend, riddled with crime, death and violent. You may have come to the right place seeking safety depending on who you are and who you're willing to make a deal with. You see this is a city run by lost children.

El Perdido translates literally into the Lost. It is a city that was once run by a vampire whose nickname was Havok, he was a brutal and inefficient leader who allowed his vampires to run free and kill whomever they please. This quite obviously caused many problems for the humans and lycans living in the city because they became food, and many of them fled.

The Ulfric's of the pack, and there were many were brutally killed by the vampires in some kind of inner city war, because while the lycan's wanted peace, craved it actually the vampires were quite happy with their chaos and disorder.

The nimir-raj was strung up as an example in the center of the city, afterwards the master of the city enchanted the leopards and made them believe that their precious leader was dead, causing them to eat him alive. Following that incident, driven mad by guilt many of the leopards ended their own lives.

The buildings are in disrepair and there are no packs or pards to speak of but the vampires of old are now gone and the new master of the city, Caile intends to right the past wrongs, if only because he is under instruction from the councel to do so.

He intends to gather the remaining lycans and keep them as safe as possible, anyone who disobeys him will be killed on sight as he is quite intolerant.
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