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I became a Braves fan in '98 after catching a glimpse of Kerry pitching on TBS. After one innning, I was hooked. So, I've decided to create this site to provide info on Ligtenberg. Obviously, I have no official affiliation with the Iowa Cubs (or anyone else for that matter)...I'm just a fan. All information and pics have been gathered from various sources and when possible I will do my best to give credit where credit is due. The menu at the left provides the links to the other pages of the site. Thanks for visiting.


Feel free to send polite comments, constructive criticism, or questions. No rudeness upsets me. And please try to avoid personal attacks...that's just so pissy. I'm shutting up now. Finally, eh?


Also check out LeeannDemon's site...she has some pages dedicated to Kerry also...and she's really nice and answers my stupid questions! Go visit her now!!!

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