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Ode to Curt

As Curt stood tall upon the mound His right foot bleeding red The Yankees fans brought out their gods Both living and the dead

But something happened in the night Perhaps Curt's blood got sprayed Upon the very hill and mound Where the great Babe Ruth once played

Across the years and the great beyond Our pitcher's blood leached out And reached the soul of the long gone Ruth Right there inside his house

The Babe's poor spirit could no longer rest His blood price now been paid He reversed the curse and so we won The best series ever played.

By: Alexis Shaw

Last updated: November 12, 2004

*Disclaimer: That's me next to Curt Schiling in the photo. My wife had the computer enhanced photo done for me on my birthday at Bank One Ballpark, home of the Diamondbacks. This is an unofficial Curt Schilling webpage. I am not affiliated in any way with Curt Schilling, the Boston Red Sox, or Major League Baseball. I am strictly a Curt Schilling & Arizona Diamondbacks fan-Michael

My wife and I live in Glendale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. I enjoyed getting to watch Curt Schilling pitch in person. I hope to get a chance to meet Curt and get his autograph one of these days, maybe at a World Series game between the Red Sox and the Diamondbacks. I started this webpage as a final exam project for a computer class I had at Glendale Community College. My special thanks to Mr. Dave Mahoney, my instructor for that class. This Curt Schilling Tribute webpage was my summer project, while I was on summer break from the Professional Teacher Preparation Program in Special Education at Arizona State University West in Glendale, Arizona. I continue to update this site when time permits. GO CURT, RED SOX & DIAMONDBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are two e-mail responses I received from Curt Schilling on November 13, 2002, in response to the letter that I sent him after I completed the Curt Schilling Tribute Page:

Hey Mike,

If this is you, then this is me. I'm honored and incredibly impressed with the website you did, things like this can only help create awareness.


God Bless

Curt Schilling

Hey Mike,

Much appreciated and thanks again, incredible job and I am truly honored by all the work you put in.

God Bless


Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to Curt Schilling after I completed the Curt Schilling Tribute Page.

September 13, 2002


Hi there! My name is Michael, and I live in Glendale, Arizona. I would like to congratulate you on last year's World Series championship, and the superb year you are having this year. I published a website, the Curt Schilling Tribute Page, in September 2002, in tribute to you, Shonda, and your children. The web address is The webpage includes a personal page, headlines page, stats and profiles page, multimedia page, community service page, collectibles page, and a trivia page. I would love to hear from you in response to the webpage; my email address is I commend you and Shonda on all your charitable efforts, especially with the ALS Association. I made a pledge donation during the "Covering All the Bases weekend," and I feel inspired by you and Shonda's commitment to the ALS cause. I am very interested in getting involved with the Arizona Chapter of ALSA and making regular monetary contributions to the cause. I bought the playoff package this year, and I look forward to watching you and the D-backs repeat as World Champions. Congratulations on the birth of Garrison Michael. A fine choice for his middle name I must say. My thanks goes out to you and Shonda for being wonderful ambassadors of Major League Baseball in the fight for a cure of ALS. You and your family are a guiding light in making a difference in the lives of others.

Best wishes to you and your family,



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