Oiii!   Welcum ter tha Kittens' Kitastrowfe!  Down't rush us woyle we deestroy tha soyte.... tykes toyme ter cryate cayos!
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Umm... I've done some random stuff here and there... some of which still isn't working, but hopefully tomorrow that will be fixed! Added Banners to the Randomness section, along with some other neat things, and Family Trees by Nemi to the Relationships part.   I added a Chat box to the side.... its really neat!  um... and I dunno what else.  Half asleep. sorry..

Also add something to the Randomness page... TRUST ME... your gonna want to check it out.... HAHAHAHA! 

  If anyone has ANYTHING they want to submit for ANY part of the site, please send it this way!  
Quote of the..... whenever I feel like putting it up!

In response to one of my answers to a Questionaire about what famous person I would like to eat lunch with, in which I replied: Mario!  lol... ANYTHING with Mario... **grin**  ((Meaning Mario Martinez from the Current US Tour of Cats))

ROFLMAO!  And now to *prove* what an idiot I am...I'm sitting here reading this and thinking "She wants to eat lunch with a little Italian plumber from a video game?"    ::laughs her way out of her chair::
Suggestions, Ideas, and Criticism are ALWAYS welcome!  As is anything you want to send in!  Just EMAIL it to me!
What's A Jellicle Cat?

I have a Gumbie Cat in Mind....

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Surprising Illusions and Eccentric Confusions

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Fanfiction and Fanart (also working on a name)

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Hey... It was a big blank space... it needed SOMETHING!  hehe

tee-heehee!                          SSSSHHHH!
Kittens' Kitastrophe began on Feb 12, 2003
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As much as I may dream, I do not own CATS, the musical, casts, or characters. This is but one of many lowly fansites to help me feel like I have something (ANYTHING) to do with such a wonderful thing. Pictures, ideas, music, lyrics, casts, and anything else that could possibly be owned is the property of RUG, Andrew Lloyd Webber, T.S. Elliot and any others involved in all that legal schtuff.  The only things on this site belonging to me are my opinions and ramblings, and maybe a few pics or character ideas tossed about in the mess.   Please do not sue me, for I am a poor starving college student soon to become teacher and will never in my life have any decent amount of money.  Enjoy the site!
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