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welcome to the webhome of keri del signore.

if you are one of my close friends, you probably already know that I normally use my livejournal account for most updates in my life. my resume and academic record have been stagnating for a few semesters, but an update is promised... eventually, i swear.

right now, in short, i'm struggling at being a P1 in the wvu school of pharmacy, and as i'm typing this i'm suffering through cs101. i figured writing some code might help me keep from losing brain mass. if anyone would like to know what exactly i'm up to this semseter, you can check out my schedule. otherwise, enjoy the really old stuff i've got on this page. ;)

"contrary to popular belief, trucker hats and high heels are not a fashion statement."- Letetia

spring break, possibly in new england
seeing moe. and maybe gov't mule
seeing what on earth i have here by next time i decide to update ;)

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