Yes! New layout! Pretty ne? Ahaha....riiight. Anyway, the onld one was acting up and havign some problems so I figured I'd go ahead and get up a new one. Ehheh. But anyways, everything is as always. This is simply, version...uhm...4 actually lol. I think I said the last oen was version 2 but it was actually version 3. ::smacks head:: Silence-chan no baka

For those who have never been to this site before, this RPG is Ruroni Kenshin based and has an "as we go" plot line. It's not a RPG for constant fighting. As long as this has been up it hasn't been, and I intend to keep it that way. The players on this RPG are awesome and they'll help you if I'm not availible. All I really ask is that you follow the rules and guidelines, and have a good time RPing. If you can do that, then I'd love to have you join^^ Domo ja

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Updates will be posted usually on the mail page, but any side info will be posted here. Below this are the links to the pages so...I think you knew that...nevermind...

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