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JennWorld is the OTHER world I often live in. Its  my private world where I can be who I want to be, say what I want to say, do what I want to do, all without consequence!

You can learn about the RealWorld Jenn and you can learn about the JennWorld Jenn! See that girl on the left? That's the RealWorld Jenn. Both Jenn's are the same adorable girl. Except those who know the RealWorld  Jenn don't know the JennWorld Jenn. And, those who know the JennWorld Jenn may never know the RealWorld Jenn. Got it?! ***smile***
         JennWorld Jenn
She :
*** Is a little girl and Princess at heart
*** Dreams of Prince Charming
*** Sleeps with her Holly Hobby doll
*** Is a girly-girl who loves her femininity
*** likes being submissive to those she loves
*** Is very insecure
*** Needs to be loved
*** Has an overactive imagination
*** Daydreams frequently
*** Is attracted to girls, yes in THAT way
*** Has many unfulfilled sexual fantasies
*** Loves to read trashy romance novels
*** Is secretly an exhibitionist at heart
*** LOVES to be kissed
For those who want to know more about the JennWorld Jenn, go HERE:
            RealWorld Jenn
She :
*** Is a 22 year old, single female
*** Is intelligent
*** Is an only child
*** Loves Mom dearly, is a Daddy's Girl
*** loves to laugh, make others laugh
*** Is sweet, honest, dependable
*** Always does what is expected of her
*** Is a Christian
*** Is attracted to tall, athletic guys
*** Is 5'-6" tall and weighs 125 lbs
*** Loves to run, lay out in sun
*** Loves to read and watch movies
*** Loves to take afternoon naps
*** Is an Administrative Assistant
For those who want to know more about  the RealWorld Jenn, go HERE:
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