An epic saga that begins with the threat of war. Political intrigue and sorcery force our heroes on a dangerous adventure frought with feminine subterfuge and romantic entanglements that create an irresistable tension. A trilogy: (RATED PG-13)

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The Trilogy Unfolds
  • Book One...A New Threat of War

  • Book Two...War of the Green Dragon

  • Book Three...Coming Soon

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    Copyrighted by Sunrise, English adaptation produced by Bandai Entertainment, Inc. 

    Copyright 2000 - JEAN BESS Escaflowne belongs to the folks in Japan who are unsurpassed in providing 'kewl' anime for us. You know, BANDAI and Sunrise? This Trilladen story is from my imagination. Helliese and other characters not in the original series of THE VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE are from my head too. They and this story alone belong to me.

    Thank you to those talented artists in Japan who give people like me, with no life, something to do and look forward to. I am writing, not to replace or steal artistic talent from those whose talents I truly respect, but to salute them. No funds have been exchanged and I gratefully acknowledge the genius behind Escaflowne. I am using words from my head combined with that said genius to continue in some small way a truly magnificent Anime.

    All Rights Reserved-Well the stuff that's mine anyway! (That would be anything you didn't see on the uncut series.)
    2002 Jean Bess Copyright Contact Jean

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