Great Pyrenees- the Gentil Giant
We at Aba Kennels we have been breeding Pyrenees for many years. Throughout this time we've spent with these magnificent creatures we have learned much more about life and friendship than we ever imagined.
Pyrenees are a devote family dog with very protective instincts towards its home and loved ones. They are compassionat animals which hold the family unit in utmost importance. They are large dogs, standing 27-32" at the shoulders and weighing 90-125lb. Origonating from France in the Pyrenees Mountains, Pyrs were  bred to guard flocks of sheep against predators and theives for many days at a time. Then, throughout the middle  ages they were used to avert prisoners of the French fortresses from escaping. Their history explains why the Great Pyrenees is the reliable protector of our day, guarding our children and watching over our homes.
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Our Pyrs are bred true to type and temperment, they carry themselves with beautiful gaits the result of long reach and drive- proving to have fluid, even, movement. Our dogs have accomplished many achievments, for we breed for quality and health.
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