When I first wrote the "About Me" page I commenced with:

"Though I presently live in Japan, I hail from Wolverhampton, England. What can I say about Wolverhampton...? Well I recently met a Welshman who claimed to have dated a girl from Wolverhampton - but he couldn't remember her name. I think that's probably about it".

As time goes by I realise that my home town is worthy of something far better than that. With a thousand years of history dating back to Anglo Saxon times, Wolverhampton developed as a market town and by the 15th century was one of the centres of the wool trade. It later played a prominent role in the industrial revolution and became a centre of engineering in more recent years. I could go on and on but why bother when The Wolverhampton History and Heritage Society have done such a wonderful job!

All I really want to do is share with others is what was relevant or important to me. After all, this is my web site! So here goes!

Saint Peter's Church

In the year of our Lord 985 the Lady Wulfruna, from whose name "Wolverhampton" was derived, endowed a minster church which was built on the land presently occupied by St. Peter's Church. The church, standing at the top of hill was - and still is - recognised as the centre of the town. St Peter's reached it's present splendid form in the 15th century, being constructed from locally mined sandstone.
Saint Chad's church.

Being nobody in particular I didn't get to be christened at St Peter's. Instead, I had to make do with St Chad's church just a stone's throw away -literally- from my birthplace. I know - I've tried.
OK, it's maybe lacks a little splendour but you couldn't play football up the side of St Peter's like you could at St Chad's. These little things have value to a youngster, you know!
Also a stone's throw from home - though in the other direction - is Bingly Street primary school, from whose doors sped the future captains of industry, patrons of the arts and guardians of democracy. Well actually, they just taught me to read and write.............
Never had any excuse for being late as it only took about ten seconds to get there.
Anyone remember the old busses with the open back? When the bus slowed down for the stop the last one to jump off was a cissy! The first one to jump off generally needed a band aid but what the hell. Those were the days.
These days all the busses have automatic doors and automatic ticket machines so you can't even try and con the conductor that you already paid. Taken all the fun out of life, haven't they?
Wolverhampton Municipal Grammar School
This marvellous building - which served as my high school - was constructed waaay back in 1899 and was intended "to provide an all round education for students who wished continue their studies to the age of 14 years old". By the time I went there folk generally stayed (just) a little longer than that. Lots of fond memories; mostly having something to do with motorbikes and/or Susan Taylor. Still have my old report book. Comments range from "An excellent set or results!" from my English teacher Mr Makins to "Has not worked well and does not seem willing to try" from Miss Blanc, my French teacher. Poxy bloody French.
Art Gallery

Home of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, my team! Formed in 1878 and one of the founder members of the Football League. You can keep Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and all the rest. I'm Wolves 'til I die!
A personal note of thanks to Sir Jack Hayward, our club's benefactor and well known philanthropist.
Banks's Original

Now here we go. This really is the best bit. Believe me.
Wolverhampton is blessed - truly - with Banks's brewery. None of your Budwiezer crap here. This is real beer for real beer drinkers. Just look at that colour...and the creamy head. What more could the discerning drinker ask for? If you've tried it you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't you're a loser.

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