About me.

If you were wondering who I am and what I am doing here in Japan, this is the page for you. Not that you'll learn very much, of course. This page also gives me the chance to blow my own trumpet just a little bit. So there!

Who am I?

Though I presently live in Japan, I originally hail from Wolverhampton, England. What can I say about Wolverhampton...? Quite a lot actually. Wherever you go and whatever you do, never forget your roots! More

What do I look like?

One or two people have asked why there isn't a photograph of mine to be found anywhere on this site. One reason may have been to give myself a modicum of anonyminity but to be truthful, I it would break girls' hearts everywhere.
Well, I'm going to bow to opinion so take a look if you want to. But don't say I didn't warn you. Go.

Why am I here and what do I do?

I came to Japan about 17 years ago. The reasons were manifold, not least being Maggie Thatcher's callous, vicious and, in my opinion, totally unprovoked assault on the British manufacturing industry. (Sorry, but you'll have to be British and over 35 to understand that one).
The experience of looking redundancy straight in the eye for the third time was sufficient to convince me that enough was enough and it was time to search for pastures new. Having a Japanese wife made the choice easy. The land of the rising sun.
So it was goodbye to fish 'n' chips, roast beef and yorkshire pud, 'Match of the Day' and a Chinese take-away after a Friday night down the pub. And.....hello to raw fish, noodles..... and not the slightest chance of a decent cup of tea.
Makes you wonder why I came. Well, there is a reason.
You see, there's gold in them there hills. Figuratively, of course. Not that they are giving any away, mind you. You have to work for it. My own little ( very little ) gold mine is a private English school. Nothing especially grand, but it keeps the wolf from the door.

In my free time?

When I'm not at work - which isn't as often as I'd like - I try to be a devoted father and a good hubby. And probably fail miserably. After the kids are in bed I try to do something constructive....like finishing another level of my latest computer game. However, I don't waste ALL my time on games. I do dabble in other things too. When I first arrived in Japan I couldn't speak a word of Japanese. As conversation was a bit of a non starter, I looked for something to do. The result was me becoming a rather frustrated artist. Feel free to take a look......GO

The beautiful game.

God's gift to sport was football. By saying "football" I do of course mean soccer and not American football. (Why on earth they call it football when they hardly ever kick the darn thing beats the hell out of me! That's the USA for you.)
Anyway, as I was saying, "Association Football" as we English say is THE sport.
( Another thing about the US that confuses me. How can you have a baseball "World Series" where no-one else get's to play?)
Sorry, got side-tracked again. Oh yes, soccer / football. It's serious. Deadly.We live it. We breathe it. We die for it.
That's not to say that footy doesn't have it's lighthearted side.
Check out my favorite football jokes. Go.
And my personal favorite, loony quotes made by commentators and coaches. Go.

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