Human beings created in Gods own image and likeness are far below in their understanding of what Jesus has done to redeem them. There always remains a divine mystery in the depth of Jesus; love and the sacrifice He made for us. He has given us that quality which prophet Isaiah called Thirst and only this can lead us back to Him. He will not turn us away in spite of our unworthiness because we are people loved and cared for by our Creator.

The journey to Calvary was so breath taking that it was no wonder if women of Jerusalem cried so bitterly seeing the tragic plight of Jesus. Jesus had to undergo ineffable pain as he was journeying on with a heavy cross on His shoulder. This journey took His heart out. To add to His misery, Roman soldiers brutally attacked him and scoffed at him; and as the culmination of it all He was nailed to the cross. The brutal blows had disfigured His entire body. “He had no form or majesty, that we should at look him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire Him” (Is 53:2).

How long it must have been for Jesus?  Hanging there between heaven and earth dripping out the last drops of his blood for each one of us on the hard wood of cross, He prayed for His enemies. He has nothing left to give to the world. He gave us everything, even the last drop of His blood for us. Friends and disciples deserted him and those whom He has healed now shouted against Him. At the end of all, He looks at His Father to whom He was obedient and cried out ;My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me;.

He could have let us drowned in the depth of our sins.  He could have avoided all these sufferings and death or He could have sent a few more prophets to remind us of our sinfulness. But God would not remain a passive spectator and see His people perish in sin and death, whom starting from the first moment of creation He is caring for, protecting and above all loving unconditionally. But we with all our selfishness and pride disobeyed Him, killed each other, and worshipped other gods, and spread seeds of hatred and division. We went away from Him to that extent that God could not but send his son amidst us to get us back to himself. He wants to redeem us from the sins. He wants to start all over again.

Jesus has shown us the way to the Father. Jesus, being humble and loving, prepared the way for each one of us to return to the Father. Dragging the cross on that stony path He made it smooth for us to follow him. God is a loving Father who always looks after the well being of His children. He can remain idle when His children are suffering. He comes to each one of us with His outstretched arms. He wants us to be sorry for our sins committed against Him. He is ready to forgive us of all our sins, provided we are willing to confess them and repent. By shedding the last drop of His blood, Jesus showed us that God still loves the world and is patiently waiting for each one of us to come back to Him.

A simple thought would have been enough for God to save the humankind from sin. But He showed us His love to such an extent that His beloved son had to suffer the most excruciating death. The manifestation of his love had to under go all the painful experiences right from his birth in the manger till his death on the cross. Hanging on the cross He cried out to the ends of the earth that all might surrender his/ her sins to Him and all may become part of the salvation, victory, which he has ultimately realized over sin and death.

He was falsely accused and condemned that we may know standing for truth always costs heavy prices. He was stripped of his clothes and had to stand in humiliation that we too may realize our own nakedness and return to him to be clothed with eternal life. He died on the cross that we may have life, a life that is liberated from the chains of sin and death.

God loves us unconditionally. He never spares any thing, including His only son to make us His own children. Jesus our Lord and Savior extended His hands and legs on the cross to shoulder our sinfulness and to just convey one single message to all of us that God still loves us. It is not the nails that kept Jesus on the cross but His love for each of us. Let this unconditional love of Jesus be in our hearts and lives that we too may come to experience the love of our Creator who waits for us with extended arms and in loving welcome.
A Call to Freedom
by Bro Arockiam
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Without my knowing, I was taken away
To my home in a beautiful evergreen valley
There are all kinds of trees and plants all around,
rich with fragrant flowers and thick foliage.
And moonlight at the top of my house.
Standing on the terrace of my beautiful house, I gazed at the sky
And I saw all the twinkling stars
soaked in heavenly beauty and attraction.
Counting the stars and watching their game of
Hide and seek amidst the thin silver clouds,
I began to write a poem of my dream.
The singing stars, blue sky and the ever-dancing streams
ran vivid and clear through my mind.
Inhaling the fragrance of night jasmine
I slowly closed my eyes to a dreamless slumber
Yes how sweet was my unborn dream yet an UNBORN POEM.
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