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The OMF Genereator
This device is an oscillating magnetic field generator that whose output is at a frequency close to 7000 hz. Very similar multiple oscillating pulse outputs were described in patent 4,524,079 as being effective against bacteria and fungus in lab tests. In patent 4,665,898 an oscillating magnetic field (OMF) was described as being effective against beginning rat cancer tumors. Other reports (Science News, etc) have stated the beneficial effects of OMF against inflammation and pain. [photo and tech info] see: 1.Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies Oscillating Magnetic Fields  2.Patent 4,524,079; Deactivation of Microorganisms by an Oscillating Magnetic Field  3.Patent 4,665,898; Malignancy Treatment 4.Combination Magnetic Field Effects on Bone Growth  

The Maxi-Pulser
This device is a single uni-polar pulse magnetic field generator whose output is around 36,000 gauss. It delivers a strong momentary magnetic pulse every 2 seconds which penetrates into surrounding tissues (within 4" of the center of the coil) to induce an electric current which Bob Beck claimed would cause the lymph fluid to circulate more freely. (see US patent 4,649,345) No sensation is felt at all except in some lymph vessels. The magnetic strength is equal to that of Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging (which is safe). This Pulser is safe for use anywhere on the animals body. It's recommended that it be used daily. Beck surmised that not using it will allow reinfection afterwards because viruses & bacteria hiding in the lymph system can travel back into the bloodstream which is the first step for reinfection.
Just 2-3 pulses in each location may help lymph flow and also help to neutralize any electrical bonding microbes may have in any part of the body which would prevent them from circulating in the bloodstream freely. This is essential when fighting a systemic infection. If the lymph isn't stimulated then some of the viruses or bacteria stay in hiding in the smaller lymph vessels and later emerge to reinfect the body. That's why I say it is essential to get the Maxi-Pulser along with a blood electrification device when fighting systemic (whole body) infections in order to force those microbes out of the lymph and into the bloodstream where they can be deactivated (rendered unable to reproduce for at least 24 hours) by blood electrification. Another important aspect of Pulser effects is that the extra lymph circulation helps bring more immune cells from the lymph system (where they are produced) to the bloodstream. The lymph vessels are their only means of transport to the bloodstream where they can kill the microbes that blood electrification disabled. One year warranty. AC powered. [photo and tech info] see:
Health Effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields

The Microbe Electrifier
This device is a square wave AC current source which is for experimental use against animal viruses in accord with the ideas in patent 5,188,738 when used at .13ma with the small electrodes over arteries. This is a means of putting small unfelt safe amounts of electricity into the blood (via wetted cloth electrodes placed over the arteries) to disable viruses and bacteria from being able to reproduce. Patent 5,188,738 laboratory results showed that 100ua of electric current was sufficient to reduce the infectivity of the HIV-1 virus by 98%. [photo and tech info] see: 1.BIOCOMPATIBLE ELECTRIC CURRENT ATTENUATES HIV-1 INFECTIVITY  2.PATENT 5,139,684; Electrically conductive methods and systems for treatment of blood  

The DC Electrifier
This device is a DC current source which is for experimental use against animal cancer tumors in accord with the article in Medical Hypotheses about destroying an essential cancer enzyme with 3ma of electricity. It is also useful against animal viruses (including any Immunodeficiency Virus) and bacteria in accord with the ideas in patent 5,139,684 when used at .13ma with the small electrodes over arteries. [photo and tech info] see: 1.Targeting a key enzyme in cell growth: a novel therapy for cancer 2.
ANTIOXIDANT EFFECTS OF ULTRA-LOW MICROCURRENTS  Electric current helps diabetic foot ulcers heal  Electric Current Helps Wipe Out Liver Tumours  Alternative cancer treatment with few side effects: The Electro Carcinoma Therapy (ECT)

Frequency Amplifier
This amplifier can be used to amplify the signals from any TTL output (square wave, 0-5 volts) frequency generator (BK4001A from DigiKey or some computers audio output) for applying frequencies to the animals body via wetted cloth pads (supplied with it). [photo and tech info]

Frequency Generator
This machine, in addition to having full frequency treatment capability, can also do blood electrification on your pet. Its frequencies are manually selected with a rotary frequency range switch and three frequency adjustment knobs, and are shown by a digital display of the frequency being generated. It has a control knob for adjusting the output electrical current and also has a red light which comes on to show when enough electricity is being delivered when doing blood electrification. Its pad electrodes are made of cloth which need to be wetted first with tap water in order to be electrically conductive. It also comes with wrist electrodes and elastic straps needed for blood electrification. [photo and tech info]

Infra-Red Relaxer
This unit outputs both infrared and near-infrared light for the progress of wound healing in your beloved pet. Nothing is felt from it at all other than a slight warmth. [photo and tech info]

Indian Healing Formula
This product is a special herbal paste that can be used internally or externally against animal cancer tumors. It has anti-cancer properties that internally fights tumors, aids immunity against tumors, and externally also poisons the tumor after being absorbed thru the skin. [photo] see: Indian Healing Formula info


[These products are not FDA-approved for human use, and to protect ourselves legally we will not sell them to anyone who alludes to their wanting to use them on humans.]

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