Men cross dressing and wearing tights (pantyhose).

By Jacques Hughes


I have searched the World Wide Web for information about men who wear tights (pantyhose) or cross-dress in order to better understand my own habits.

This survey is based on information gathered from websites from the answers to questions posed largely by other people. It is not an analysis of the replies to a single questionnaire. It is not an unbiased survey of the general population. Please see notes on the limitations of the information at the end of this article.

Men who wear tights -

At what age did they start? -


Who's tights did they wear first?

51.5% - mother

19.9% - sister

10.7% - wife of girlfriend

4.9% - aunt

4.6% - neighbour (adult or child)

3.6% - grandmother

2.6% - found them

1.3% - female cousin

0.7% - bought own

0.3% - adult female roommate


Why did they first wear them?

18.6% - feel of the fabric

9.5% - sport or warmth outdoors

9.2% - curiosity

8.9% - noticed girls wearing them

7.4% - noticed school teacher wearing them

6.2% - adult bedroom games

5.6% - watching women or girls get dressed

4.5% - wanted to look like a super hero or medieval hero or wrestler

4.1% - mother dressed me in them

3.8% - self pleasure

3.8% - dress up games with girls

3.3% - because of the smell (brand new or worn)

3.3% - medical reasons (to support legs as adult)

2.7% - dress up games with boys

2.4% - for a part in a school play

2.1% - because of influence of advertising

0.9% - as a punishment as a child

0.6% - because of soft porn images

0.3% - because of the packaging

0.3% - dressed up for Halloween

0.3% - for the "fetish scene"

0.3% - because of a dare



Men who cross-dress.

At what age did they start? -




Who's clothes did they wear first?


36.5% - mother

31.9% - sister

5.6% - girls - friends, sisters of friends, daughter's of neighbours

5.4% - girlfriends and wives

4.9% - bought own

4.8% - female cousin

2.3% - grandmother

2.1% - found them

2.1% - aunt

2.0% - adult neighbour

1.0% - stole

1.0% adapted own clothing or bedding

0.5% adult female room mate


What female clothing did they wear first?

16.6% - panties

16.0% - tights or pantyhose

7.8% - bra

7.7% - dress

7.6% - stockings, nylons or thigh high hold-ups

4.1% - skirt

4.0% - high heels

3.8% - girdle

3.4% - shoes

3.1% - slip

3.1% - make up

3.0% - leotard

2.5% - swimwear

2.0% - lingerie

1.6% - top (including blouse, jumper...)

1.4% - nightie

1.3% - petticoat

1.2% - suspender belt (garter belt)

1.1% - socks (including knee highs)

1.1% - boots

0.9% - nail varnish

0.9% - played with doll

0.7% - girls gym uniform

0/7% - girls school uniform

0.6% - jeans (or other trousers)

0.5% - cheerleaders uniform

0.4% - jewellery

0.4% - tutu

0.3% - wig

0.3% - shorts

0.2% - hat

0.2% - dressing gown

0.2% - scarf

0.2% - coat

0.2% - breast forms

0.1% - tampons

0.1% - pyjamas

0.1% - perfume

0.1% - leg warmers

0.1% - leggings

0.1% - jacket

0.1% - gloves

0.1% - apron

0.1% - vest


Why did they start to dross-dress?

11.2% - dress up games with a girl

8% - feel of the fabric

6.8% - wanted to be a female

6.5% - wanted to dress as a female

6.2% - mother dressed me in the clothes

4.9% - Halloween costumes

4.6% - curiosity

4.5% - self pleasure

3.1% - dress up games with a boy

2.6% - own clothes were dirty, wet or lost (child)

2.5% - 'just had to do it'

2.4% - costume for school plays

2.3% - stress relief and relaxation (as adult)


2.1% - 'why not do it?' (adult diminishing of inhibitions)

2.1% - punishment as a child

2.0% - dressed by babysitter

1.8% - inspired by CD (cross-dressing) imagery

1.7% - as a dare

1.5% - 'I felt I had more in common with females'

1.4% - after looking at fashion catalogue

1.4% - watching women dressing or undressing

1.4% - adult bedroom games with female partner

1.4% - mother wanted a girl

1.3% - gay

1.2% - noticed girls as a teenager


1.1% - after reading magazine article about cross-dressing or seeing images of cross-dressers

1.0% - after death of close female relative

1.0% - wanted to dress like hero or superhero

0.8% - abused as a child

0.8% - female domination as adult

0.7% - bullied as a child

0.6% - dance class

0.6% - divorce of parents

0.6% - used as mannequin for dressmaking

0.6% - 'hand me down' clothes as child

0.6% - developed breasts

0.6% - because of soft porn images


0.5% - breast envy

0.5% - after visiting cross-dressing Internet site

0.5% - more comfortable than men's clothes

0.5% - the smell

0.5% - for warmth or sport

0. 5% - wife suggested it

0.4% - father cross-dressed

0.4% - "sissy"

0.3% - keep fit

0.2% - advertising

0.2% - for medical or disability reasons

0.2% - because of the packaging


0.2% - teacher wore

0.2% - brother cross-dressed

0.2% - own divorce

0.2% - hair style

0.2% - wanted a sister

0.1% - had to help mother dress

0.1% - Goth

0.1% - video game


 Analysis and comparisons -

It must be remembered that this 'survey' is based upon the postings of men who have joined web-sites. So they firstly must have access to a computer (probably a private rather than public one), feel the need to join an online support group and feel the need to post details of their private lives.

People who see nothing unusual about their behaviour or wish to be considered part of a special interest community would not do that.


The most common age for starting to cross-dress or wear tights is 12 years old (10 % and 17% respectively).

The cross dressing men seem to start wearing female clothing at a younger age than the pantyhose wearers - 49 % had started before they were 9 years old compared with 39% of the pantyhose wearers.

Who's clothing.

The majority of men first wore their mothers' pantyhose, whereas a larger proportion of cross-dressers started by wearing their sisters' clothes. About 11 percent of men first wore their wives' or girlfriends' hosiery, whereas only about 5 percent of cross-dressers started wearing the partners clothing.

Reason for starting.

Men often were attracted to wearing pantyhose by the feel of the fabric and general curiosity about the garment. Others started when they started to notice women in a sexual way, several remember noticing their schoolteacher wearing them. Six percent started as part of "bedroom games" with the female partner. Some started out of practical reasons - for sport, outdoor work or to relieve aching legs.

Cross-dressing men often wished to be female or dress as a female. Others were dressed in girls' clothing by parents, childminders, female relatives or friends. Some started as a result of having to dress as a female for an event such as a play of halloween (a much stronger tradition in the USA than the UK). A few started following a stressful event or even some sort of abuse.

What did they firth wear?

I have assumed that men who wear pantyhose did not start wearing other women's clothing first.

Cross-dressing men mostly started wearing underwear, rather than the garments that give an outward appearance of being female. A minority were influenced such things by makeup, hairstyles or even playing with a doll. Some of the answers are dependent on the current fashions when the man started - tights only became available in the mid-1960s so men starting before then would not have worn them; legwarmers were an 1980s fashion.



Notes -

Age -

I have always used the earliest date stated in postings.

Our memories of our early years are often vague.

Unless we keep diaries we will not know the accurate date of an event in our lives.

Many people stated that they started at about X or Y (e.g. 12 or 13), I took the earlier age of the two given.

Clothing -

In the UK the single word tights is used to describe sheer and opaque legwear. In the USA they have separate names - pantyhose and tights. Because the data came from different countries I have not distinguished between the two in the survey. They were first sold in the 1960s so older people would not have started by wearing them. Similarly leggings and legwarmers were a 1980s fashion.

Bias in the "survey" -

I did not conduct a survey of a cross section of the public. The data is gathered from discussion websites and comes from replies to a large variety of questions posed by different people. Some individuals may have replied more than once to more than one question on more than one web-site.

There is therefore some in-built bias - the individuals all have to own a computer, have access to the internet, be computer literate, feel the need to join a discussion group and feel the need to post personal information on the world wide web.


The websites used for the data on the pantyhose-wearing community information included -- pantyhosemama, pantyhosediscussion and epanthoseland. The information about the crossderssing was gathered from Crossdrssers dot com. I hope that these wonderful and useful web communities continue to prosper and do recommend them to you.

Crossdressers dot com is very welcoming community that accepts all sorts of cross-dressing and motivations -- I have learnt a lot from the members and say a big thank-you to them.

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