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MACHU PICCHU Is a dream trip of our lives, in a moment of transformation and cultural enrichment. It is a journey you will never forget.

There are many reasons to travel with us:



Register now Take a few minutes with one of our specialists.

Form a group Join this adventure with us. You can join one of our groups to the Inca Trail and other treks. You can choose the date of your program or Tour package.

Help us to help A large percentage of our profit is donated to a foundation for children in Cusco.

Discover The route of the Incas to Machu Picchu. Mystery and History together.

Walk with us and enjoy! The Inca Trail, the only experience in the Andes of Cusco and feel the heartbeat of our land.




KINTU EXPEDITIONS specialists operate Inca Trail (Expert Tour Operators), we are one of the leading operating this route since 2002. We are an authorized Agency to enter the Inca Trail, 2010 - AG 1431 and also with INRENA (National Institute of Natural Resources).

Kintu Expeditions specialists to operate the route of the Inca Trail, with a professional staff, professional guides, porters and our chefs.

We are a legally established in Cusco, the capital of the ancient Inca Empire. No other agency offers the best prices for travel to Machu Picchu. See our advantages we offer:




• We are a multilingual agency, we offer our services in all languages that travelers prefer.

• We are a legally established by the laws of our country.

• We generate and pay taxes in our country.

• Our values Tours are cheaper than other companies, this being Local Tour Operators.

• We will clarify all the doubts and questions that passengers have to travel to Peru.

• Our travel contracts are clearly stated.

• A large percentage of our profit is a foundation designed to help children in Cusco.

• We met all rights of our workers.

With all these reasons, you have reason to book your Inca Trail or the full program to Peru with us.




Kintu Expeditions doing programs Travel to Machu Picchu to your needs since 2002.

We do not define the starting date nor return, the traveler decides when to go and when to return. We customize the program according to the interests of our travelers as they have availability.


We offer the passenger a safe journey comfortable. With advance reservations, with a guarantee of a travel contract to a low value on our tours that charged by other agencies.


In our menu of programs we can make suggestions about programs on traveling to Machu Picchu. We can make any modifications you want in the programs, we are also specialists in meeting the special demands which you want to Tours in Peru, as a honeymoon, tours and more. Applicable at any time of year.


This website is made in order to provide you any useful information about Peru and its destinations, routes, attractions, hotels, hostels and more. We are always ready to help you choose the best route. We are multilingual specialists in making your trip to an exciting and unforgettable experience.


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