Carrigan’s or Kerrigan’s Family of Glasgow and Sligo

Henry and Isabella Gunning McEwan Torbet Devine

William and Margaret ( Peggy) Stewart Pritchard Carrigan

This page is under construction if I cannot finish it I am sure one of my Children will I would like to thank The people that have helped either friends or relatives or one of the many such as Ian Muir, Brian Caldwell, Daniel Grady, Glenda Wilkins , Pete Geddes, Des Ayres, Susan Leslie and Julia Gallagher who all helped me when the wall would not shift. Also finding that they are relatives I never knew of through out the World.
I suppose I had better explain the heading of this page. The Carrigan's or Kerrigan's well I searched for over a year trying to find my grandfather and his siblings under the name Carrigan. The name that is on all of my siblings and fathers birth certificates but I could not find them on Scotlands People. Then I found my Great grandfathers death certificate it gave his wifes name which I never even knew. I searched for their marriage using her name Elizabeth Calderwood and found the certificate, the name of my Great grandfather was infact Charles Kerrghan. Which I since have found out was really Kerrigan so for some reason unknown to me or anyone else in the family in the 1901 census the name changed to Carrigan. Well at least that let me search in Ireland for my great great grandparents Patrick Kerrigan and Bridget McGowan which I found they married in 1852 in Sligo.
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