For The Record:

August 21, 1999

Julie has the Flu!

It all started in early July. (well, late June to be exact, but as I wasn't paying attention I really have no idea. If we had been paying attention I assure you I wouldn't now have the flu!)

Julie: Gosh John, I don't know what's wrong with me I'm just so tired all the time! I'm sorry you're spending every night alone.
John: It's ok, you just have the flu.
Julie: You're right, I must have the flu.

Julie: I don't know what's wrong with me, I just feel a little off all the time.
Mom: You're pregnant!!

Friends: Why aren't you finishing your lunches any more? You look green.
Julie: You know, my favorite foods aren't agreeing with me. I feel funny after I eat. Friends: WOW - You're pregnant!

Doctor: So, let's see about this flu here.
Julie: Yes, I'm just so tired, and food tastes funny, and I feel 'off'' all the time. I have the flu.
Doctor: Um. Actually I'd say you're 11 weeks pregnant.
Julie: (hysterical) But I'm not having a baby until May 2001! I've got it planned!
God: (Rolling on the clouds laughing.) Hahahahahaha.

Julie: Ohmygod John I'm nearly 3 months pregnant! I have no leave, I haven't lost any baby weight! I'm not going to fit in my maternity clothes!
John: Oh this is soo cool. Now we can buy a conversion van with a TV! And Nintendo!!
(Actually John was fabulous and looked at my shocked face and said, we know we wanted 3, why are you sad?)

It's been a delightful pregnancy, and now that the shock has worn off I'm delighted as punch. (I'm having the stealth baby!) Only 21 months after Katie. (oops) Oh well, I always said that the minute I tried to plan a baby God would teach me, and he certainly has. The baby is due in mid-March, and I'm already trying to phych myself up as to how much fun a 2 some hour natural labor is going to be. (Again! Yuck.) I'm taking off from work a full week some early so that I can just hang out at the hospital emergency room in hopes of actually making it to a delivery room in time for the actual childbirth. Maybe even get there in time for some actual drugs!

So that's the news here. If anyone can top that do tell at once.

He's not bleeding and his hair isn't on fire, so I must be doing OK as a parent.

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