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August 4, 1999

Annual Beach Trip

Lets see. Really wish I had more interesting things to report. Going to the beach was fun, and also not fun. Everything with kids is always a mixed bag. JD loved being at the beach before 10 in the morning and after dinner. During the middle of the day when other family members wanted to be there he refused. He wanted to be in the pool or absolutely anywhere but the beach. John and I aren't sure if he was scared of all the people, or if the sand got too hot or what. So, ya go with the flow and hang out at the beach in the dark. Luckily Chrissy and Bruce didn't mind hanging out at the pool, so that was fun.

Katie, of course, had no fear of the water and would walk in until a wave knocked her over. Of course, this was generally at night when JD was willing to be there, so I was constantly worried my daughter would disappear into the sea at dusk. Also (this was hysterical) JD loved attacking all the other castles that kids had built during the day. Several people appeared to be related to Dad and built enormous forts with water reaching holes by basically using a garden spade. Consequently these were massive things that JD would take running leaps onto, over, into, attempt to go through etc. Katie would watch and learn and attempt to do the same thing and fall head first over the wall into the muck. ARGH! So both kids had sand in god awful places.

JD, John, and Gramps (And Chrissy and Bruce) all went Crabbing one morning. This was about the highlight of JD's trip. He absolutely loves crabs (all he wants to do is go to the grocery and see the crabs) so they caught about 7 or 8 of them and he thought this was fabulous. Apparently they also caught some fish, but JD only talks about the crabs.

I should also mention that Katie basically learned to walk this weekend. Yep, that would be because we were on the 3rd floor of the hotel with 3 flights of metal stairs that were see-through for her to fall down and through. So all morning long I spent chasing her diapered ass down the walkway toward the stairs. She also learned to use a spoon, which is both amusing, frustrating, and very messy. So now she always demands to have a spoon even if she's having something like a grilled cheese sandwich and which she sometimes forgets to let go of before she tries to scratch at ear.

On the way to NJ we took the ferry from Lewis to Cape May. This was quite cool as there were dolphins jumping in front of the ship. JD knows what dolphins are ever since we took him (2 weeks ago) to the Baltimore aquarium and he saw the dolphin show. So he was excited by this. I, of course, did not get to see them because at the same time Katie saw a dog and had an adorable baby fit pointing and screaming and desperately trying to go see doggie. So that's what I did. It was so great how excited she got, other people were laughing about it. We also saw dolphins from our motel room. It was funny, there was a dolphin watching ship out there with them -- John was like, how much would it piss you off to pay 50 bucks to go on one of those ships for 2 hours to see the dolphins we currently see from our hotel room?

So it was a good time, great weather, got to eat fudge, now know that next year we need to stay longer.

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