Hello and welcome to this site. I have created this site to share my experiences of self harm and show that there is hope for all survivors out there.

"Self Injurers are often bright, talented creative achievers - perfectionists who push themselves beyond all human bounds - people pleasers who cover their pain with a happy face."

Extract from 'A Bright Red Scream' By Marilee Strong

this site may contain triggering material for those who self harm. Please make sure you are safe if you continue to read.

About me

Secret scars

Cloudy skies-living with depression

Starving the pain-eating distress

Cruel love-child abuse

Poems-words from the heart

Book list

Bad Days

For friends & family-How you can help

Update-daring to hope for more.Added July 2002

e mail me at :hope2bsurvivor@yahoo.co.uk


Keep Hoping

I bear the SCARS

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