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We paint miniatures in 1 of 4 different levels.  What you pay for is what you get. All qualities include: assembly, cleaning, priming and basing.

(1) Standard Quality is the lowest quality of paint job that we offer.  Figures are painted similar to the “how to paint" sections of Games Workshop army books.  This quality includes a basecoat and a single coat of ink or layer of highlights.  Standard is ideal for the basic core troops in any army.  If you are looking to save money and are not too picky about details, Standard quality is what you are looking for.  Check out some of our Standard quality models below.

(2) Tournament Quality is significantly higher than Standard, here you get several layers of highlights and shading, these models will be the envy of all your friends and foes.  All figures painted at Tournament quality look incredible on the battle field, this quality was created to score you top points at any tournament you attend.  We recommend Tournament quality for all your special troops, warmachines & monsters.  Check out some of our Tournament quality models below.

(3) Heavy Metal Quality is Games Workshop quality, many of the figures featured in the White Dwarfs and box covers are painted to Heavy Metal.  This level of quality is Art.  Here you get superb 5 layer shading and blending, all combined with unique detail work.  You can request some minor conversions and your characters can be mounted on scenic bases.  Figures at this quality are often awarded with the best painting awards.  These models make you and everyone else go "WOW, I wish I had models like that."  Heavy Metal quality is deserving for characters, great monsters and rare units.  Check out some of our Heavy Metal quality models below.


(4) *Golden Demon Quality figures are pampered to the max, these minatures are painted to a masterclass level; meaning tattoos, unique cloak designes and script work.  The  figure is custom painted and converted to your needs.  Anything is possible, Golden Demon quality is recommend for unique and special characters, large scale models and display pieces.  Models painted in this quality would be ranked among the best in the Golden Demon competitions. *The price in the catalogue is the minimum for a Golden Daemon paint job, each model has to be priced out individually, everything depends on the customers wishes.  Check out some of our Golden Demon quality models below. brace yourself.

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