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  In these pages I have made my small contribution to those memories that are fond ones for so many of us. There is so much more that I could include if only I had been the picture taking kind of a person that I now wish I was. However there are a few more items/pictures that I will include here shortly. [ WATCH THIS SPACE ] 

Fortunately I have managed to retain the 
COMMISSION MAGAZINE 1966-1968 for HMS AJAX which I have tried to reproduce here as accurately as I can on a web page.

This page and the index are not from the magazine.
  I guess most of us know these ladies, but for the unworthy among us, these are the Gals that saved  some of us many hours painting the ship's side, thus allowing us to spend more of our time in the bar of our choice. Crazy Horse.. Pink this, pink that,  lotus whatever, in Hong Kong. 
Yes!! It's……... 
"Suzie's Side Party"...Kings bar comes to mind.
  Oh Island in the Sun…………..  
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