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Photo of Old Stone House, Oldest House in Washington, D.C
Schifferstadt:  German Colonial Architecture in Frederick, Maryland
Views of Schifferstadt, Frederick, Maryland
German Town:  Lost German Village in Northern Virginia
Jamestown Island and James Fort, Virginia--the First Permanent English Settlement in Present U.S.
The Old Stone House, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

This web page explores the contributions by immigrants from Germanic countries to the United States in general and the Nation's Capital in particular.  It is maintained by the German-American Heritage Society of Greater Washington, D.C., Inc., which is recognized by the Federal Government as a tax-exempt, educational organization.  Please read our articles and consider becoming a member.


Highway Marker at Jamestown, VA, Honoring the First Germans
Press Release at the Dedication of the Jamestown Highway Marker by the Heritage Society
Program at the Dedication of the Jamestown Highway Marker
The Glassmakers at Jamestown:  An Historical Correction Is in Order
German Bartmann Jug Discovered at Jamestown, VA
Observe the German-American Quadricentennial in 2008
The Story of the First Germans at Jamestown, VA
FIRST GERMANS AT JAMESTOWN--Photo of Marker by J. O. Watson

The German-American Heritage Society

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Heurich House--the Brewmaster's Castle in Washington, D.C.

United Church + Vereinigte Kirche, Wahington, D.C.

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