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My name is Mindy Slage and I live in Oviedo, FL with my husband and four children. My passions are my pets and my kids. I have many pets including four dogs, chinchillas, and ferrets. Chinchillas make great pets and can be handled, but they will not be like a dog or cat. They are fascinating exotic creatures that are softer to the feel than even a bunny rabbit. Chins can live for 20 years; so the purchase of one has to be taken into serious consideration. And the decision must rest with an adult. Because 20 years can be a long time. They don't require to much upkeep, and bathe in a dust not water. That is offered at least once a week or more. They are kept in a larger cage and eat feed pellets, Timothy &/or Alfalfa hay (loose or cubes), and a small hand full of Supplement added to the food twice a week. They also like small circles or sticks of wood, cuttle bones, and/or pumice stones too. This also helps to keep their long teeth properly worn down. They also enjoy a treat of a rose hip or a shredded wheat square given no more than one or two a day. More could cause diarrhea. Finally,fresh water from a valve tipped water bottle.  *Please don't feed them any pet store chin food.*
For Mana Pro Show or Purina or Shoots feed pellets, Fullers Earth or Blue Cloud or Blue Sparkle bathing dust, loose/cubed hay, and Supplement order through Me.
Requirements Page for more info about needs and other supplies needed. Thanks. Contact me for any other questions or to talk chins.
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Contact Me! furbeecritters@yahoo.com

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