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This site is dedicated to the amazing Lomax 223 kit car and features in particular the Famous Filby Flyer. However, any contribution relating to the 223 is welcome and we would like to see articles, stories, hints and tips, and, of course photographs of any Lomax 223. Unlike most sites, this is not a general site that caters for all three wheelers, Citroen Specials in general, four wheeled Lomaxes or other non-223 Lomax variants. We don't have anything against these cousins but the 223, as the original Lomax concept and the most successful three wheeled Citroen based kit ever, deserves its own space!

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The Filby Flyer first flew in 1994 when it was created as a project by Which Kit? magazine. In its feature articles, the magazine declared it to be the "best looking Lomax yet". When it was complete, the proprietor of the magazine, Peter Filby, was so taken with it that he adopted it as his own car and ran it for some time naming it "The Filby Flyer". As probably the best documented Lomax ever built, I have, with Peter's permission, retained the famous name.
The Flyer is a Lomax 223 based on a Citroen 2CV chassis, suspension and power train with a classic style GRP bodywork in two-tone burgundy/cream gel coat finish. This was produced especially for Which Kit magazine in the first instance so the Flyer is the very first two-tone Lomax. Lomax now offer two-tone as an option but they are still very uncommon.

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Chapter 1: Which Kit? Magazine, March 1994
- other chapters to follow one day ...

(Note: These articles are the copyright of Which Kit? magazine. Permission to publish them on this site has been applied for.)

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