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October 16, 2003

Wooooooooow, long time no update! But we're back at school, so we actually live in the same place now as opposed to different states, which makes maintaining this site infinitely easier. Right now, we have new some wallpaper in the art section, and hopefully soon we'll have our movies up and running. Plus, we're working on our first co-written fanfic, so stay tuned for that. It's going to be amazing.

-Kat and Caitlin

July 16, 2003

NEW FIC! Check out Kat's latest story. Stay tuned for more!

July 7, 2003

WAHOOOOOOOO! That's right, in honor of our birthday's we've done a huge update to the site. Check out all new wallpapers, a new fanfic by Kat, and a revised About Us section! And sign the guestbook, tell us happy birthday! :)

June 20, 2003

We apologize that we had to remove the movies that were uploaded due to some technical difficulties. We'll have them ASAP. For now, check out our About Us section for a few laughs, and come back soon for some new artwork and fanfic!

-Kat and Caitlin

May 20, 2003

Hey, everyone, it's Kat here. Wanted to write the a note to say we are in the process of putting this site together, but it's pretty slow-going. Why? Because it's summer break, so Caitlin and I are separated by a state line rather than the few feet between our dorm rooms. And also because trying to upload anything on a 56K modem sucks. I really miss my ethernet. Anyway, just bear with us; the awesomeness is coming.


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