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I'll probably never be well known, famous, or intelligent enough to be oft-quoted, but I still enjoy reading quotes from other people, especially ones that are either really funny, or make me stop and think. I'm organizing my own little collection of quotes that mean something to me, whether from songs, movies, TV shows, etc. So take a look around:

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09/04/04: A few new quotes from Singin' in the Rain, and The Village.

08/23/04: Added quotes from Ice Age to the movies section.

07/31/04: On the TV page: A few new I Love Lucy quotes, and a new section for Looney Tunes.

07/10/04: Added 2 new movies & quotes to the movie page: Spiderman, and the Music Man.

06/25/04: A few new ones in the TV section. I've been updating, just not keeping track of when I do it.

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