Thursday, September 28 Ė Second Chances

Salvador, "Salvador"
October Project, "October Project"
he strangest thing happened to me yesterday.

Well, maybe not the strangest thing, since Iíve had some bizarre experiences happen to me in my time, but it was strangenonetheless.

My wife called me at work in midmorning and said, "You better be sitting down for this." One of the companies that I had interviewed with and who had written me off, called me back. It was a different guy, in a different division, and he hadnít even known that I had ever actually come in for an interview, but he seemed to think I was a good match anyway. 

So here I am again, waiting not only for him to call me back, but people from two other companies I've been talking to. It's kind of amazing how much has come up in a short amount of time, but I guess I won't be totally amazed until something actually goes to fruition. Still, it's nice to have a second chance at somewhere that I think would be a great place to work.

Looking back, I have absolutely no idea why I ever took my existing job. I thought it was the right thing to do -- to get well-established in an interesting job (or so I thought) at a reputable company, even if it was in the last place in the U.S. that I'd want to go. Now, looking back, I realize I was just being selfish. Yes, I wanted the interesting career, yes, I wanted the good company -- but I think the main reason I took the offer was that I was sick and tired of looking for a job and just wanted it to be over with. I guess in that case, I got what I deserved.

But now I have the chance to make good on everyone I've wronged over the last six years. My wife's mom, who has asked on every chance she had when we'd be moving closer to home, and has even started asking her real-estate clients if they know of any job openings. My own parents, who have been gracious enough to act like they accept us being in California when I know that it's really eating them alive inside. And most of all, my Little One, who needs to have a chance to learn that family is more
than just the three of us and whoever decides to fly in on a plane that month.


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