Thursday, May 10 Ė Circadian Rhythms

Paul Simon, ďThe Rhythm Of The SaintsĒ
ow Ė itís been over a month since the last time I wrote (and longer than that sicne Iíve actually posted anything).  I think thatís an unofficial record.
Iíve gotten into kind of a scary cycle.  I wake up in the morning, late, of course, and lumber to work.  I put in my time, which is usually somewhere around the nine-hours-a-day range.  So by the time I get home, itís 6:30 or later.  We snarf down some dinner, and by that time, the Little One is getting fussy, so we need to start getting him ready for bed.  By that time also, Iím pretty much too exhausted to do anything constructive, so I end up watching TV (a habit made even worse now that baseball season is upon us).  I go straight from in front of the TV to bed.  The baby wakes up several times during the night, so I donít get any kind of regular sleep at all; therefore I hit the snooze button ten times in the morning, waking up late, and the whole cycle starts overÖ.
The Little One has been having it rough lately, actually.  His diet is steadily changing toward solid foods or as solid as they can be for lack of teeth.  Speaking of teeth, his two front bottom ones are finally coming in, now that heís 10 months old Ė a little late I guess, but thatís OK.  Anyway, between the new foods and the dental discomfort, and the fact that weíve been trying to get him to sleep in his own bed, heís been downright ferocious some nights lately.  Of course, it probably wasnít a good idea to kick him out of our bed at the same time of his life that all the magazines say that babies start to suffer separation anxiety, but I have visions of him being high-school age and still flopped in our bed between me and Mom.
So, since getting him to sleep is such a struggle that takes from 8:00 until well after midnight some nights, and requires the services of both of his parents (sometimes simultaneously), I donít have any time to do anything I want to do.  The saving grace right now is that thereís not really anything I want to do.  I guess I know that heíll be growing up soon enough, and Iíll have plenty of time for hobbies or whatnot then.

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