Our Kennel prefix EL GUARDA, was chosen when Andy and I first started off in Chihuahua's, fourteen years ago. There is a town in Mexico called Elguarda, which means "little guard" ... which we felt is quite apt for our little "lions".

My father, being an International All Breeds Dog Judge, travelled extensively overseas. In 1976 he was in the company of Mr Rick and Mrs Rosemarye D' Agostin in the U.K. when the first Lowchens were chosen to be imported into Australia. My father returned to Australia from his visit to the U.K., telling us of these wonderful little dogs that had their rear ends clipped to look like lions.

The three dogs imported were U.K. Champion Jilland Double Delight, U.K. Champion Jilland Diamente and Cluneen Baron Patrick. They all achieved their Australian Championship titles shortly after their arrival in Australia. I was fortunate enough to be given a male puppy from the first litter born in Australia, but unfortunately we lost him at an early age.

Thus my love affair with these delightful dogs had commenced! Due to my husband's Military postings, we did not purchase our first Lowchen until 1993 - he was Champion EVELANDS FLASHES PRIDE (Jake). Many people had told us that once we had one Lowchen, we would return and buy our second one. How true these words were! We then acquired Champion EVELANDS HEVANLY ANGEL (Angie) and were fortunate to purchase all of the Lowchens in Evelands Kennels, which included Champion CHISMENE JUMPN JACK FLASH and Champion CHISMENE HOT GOSSIP. After exhibiting Jake and Angie to their Australian Championship titles we then commenced our breeding program in 1996. Since then 17 of our Elguarda babies have obtained their titles. Our latest Champion, ELGUARDA SONOV THOR (Sonny) is our first Champion bred from parents with the Elguarda prefix.

We tell all of our puppy owners, once they have lived with a Lowchen, they will come back for another one!!! This has come true in nine cases already.

Some our accomplishments to date:

Dogs not bred by us, which we have taken to their Aust Championship

Evelands Flashes Pride Jake
Evelands Hevanly Angel Angie
Evelands Flash Dancer Ashley
Evelands Miss Scarlet Scarlet
Jonquilow Mozart's Melody Melly
Duncara Pepitas Pastorale Pepita
Toepacoe Choc Fudge Peanuts
Toepacoe Princess Zenna Zenna

Dogs bred by us taken to their Aust Championship

Elguarda Appollo Warrior Tyson Jayne La Pointe Canada
Bailey Boy Bailey T Elms & D Freese Qld Aust
Belle Ov Ball Bella J & T Lennon Qld Aust
China Doll Dolly L Chippendale WA Aust
Heaven Sent Lucy A & G FIELD Just Adorable Jessie A & G FIELD
Kandy Kisses Kisses L Chippendale WA
Krystal Dancer Krystal K Quigley NSW Aust
Lord Ov Dance Bronson A & G FIELD
Lord Ov Manor Lordy A & G FIELD
Lord Ov Thunder Rumbles C Van Beek Qld Aust
Magic Lady Lady A & G FIELD
Parti Miss Missy K Murphy Nth Q'land Aust
Rust Pueten Razzi L & S Walsh Vic Aust
Son Ov Thor Sonny A & G FIELD
Sweet Colleen Collie A & G FIELD
Will O Wisp Casey A & G Field

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