Aircraft Seat Belts - Custom Designed for recreational aircraft, these seat belts enhance safety with affordability.

The Shoulder Harnesses for Lite Aircraft

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(918) 427-6490

Sport Aviation Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses
Powered parachutes Buckeye
Trikes Tukan
Ultralights QuickSilver Sprint, Sport, MXL
Amphibians Buccaneer
Homebuilts Preceptor UltraPup
Experimentals Kitfox
Homebuilts 5151
Experimentals Avid Flyer
Ultralights Kolb Mark III
Ultralights Kolb FireStar
Homebuilts Loehle 5151
Experimentals Renegade
Ultralights Challenger
Trikes Sabre
Ultralights Phantom
Ultralights QuickSilver GT-400, GT-500
Homebuilts Fisher Super Koala, FP-202
Experimentals Van's RV-6

Custom built for specified aircraft types
Standard Styles:

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